Demonic Evocation for career

A year ago I performed a ritual evocation of Piamon and Astaroth for helping me pass exam.

It worked really well.

But I was still trying to improve. So I planned on giving the exam again. This time due to lack of information about some policies I’ve got myself in a mess. Now my career is in danger here!

I’m really desperate! :(:cold_sweat:

I really need to perform another evocation! I haven’t burned the sigils of the previous evocations yet.

So my question is Should I evoke the same spirit? If so, can I use the old sigils again or should I make new ones? (I know the grimories tells us to use a sigil only once, but since its for the same intent I’m confused)

I don’t have any good places to place the burned ashes. So making two opened sigils of same spirits.

And would that be offensive to the spirits asking to help on that same issues again? (Since I am asking them to improve a reality they created)

Please help I am desperate :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Some options: be sure that they will help again, no matter how the situation looks; or keep the sigils and indeed evoke again. About a burned sigil, when the wind blows you may try to throw the ashes out of window (leaving them to Air element).


Use the same sigils if you are calling the same spirits again. Having been opened once, they still hold energies that will help them open easier the second time around. Only burn them when the task is completed and it sounds like it is not yet.

For disposing of burnt sigils, bury the ashes in the Earth, cast them to the winds, or cast them into a river (you can also flush them down the toilet.)

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Thanks for help

I feel like thats Astaroth’s influence that wanted to take the same exam again. When I was evoking I felt like I should ask a good grades. I didn’t asked that knowing I don’t deserve it :frowning:

A part of me is saying it’ll work. But I’m having doubts.

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Thankss man. I feel better now :slight_smile:

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Really? I didn’t knew that was even an option :grinning:

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