Demonic enochian magick?

Does anyone know of a demonic form of enochian magick? Any help is appreciated.


Enochian magick is sort of demonic actually. The “angels” that gave this very complex system of magick to John Dee and Edward Kelley were quite questionable in the reasons and methods. Also, from my understanding there were TWO Enochs. According to the Demonic Bible, Enochian is based on the knowledge that the “evil” Enoch received.


Have you tried using the laveyan keys?

I used three of the 19 Keys during the Eclipse. I used the Devil’s Keys version given by the Joy of Satan.


How good we’re the results, on a scale from 1-10

A 4 maybe. I could feel some energy, but nothing special. In my opinion.

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I came across a book called the Ordines Descendens of John Dee, edited by Peter Mills & Jeremiah Hobbs and released in 2007. I have no idea if it’s authentic and am inclined to believe it’s not. If you can get your hands on one of the 200 copies available and try it out, that might be your best bet.

As far as standard Enochian, those ‘angels’ in the Great Table were far from angelic, and there are numerous cacodemons built into the table itself, so there’s plenty of demonolatry going on in standard Enochian already. The simplest Enochian system i’ve come across by far is the one Lon Milo Duquette wrote in Enochian Vision Magick, which is a great read - and a quick one. Enochian Zodiacal and Heptarchic (Planetary) Magick are barely covered in that book, but the Elemental Enochian system is explained very well, and so is the system of skrying the 30 Ethers.


Zacam Paymon + Ol Zodameta Paymon + Ol Um Isli Gohed Paymon

  • I Move You, Paymon + I Conjure You, Paymon + I Call You, Everlasting Paymon
    (By VK Jehannum)