Demonic death essence

Does anyone know of a demon whose energy is similar to death essence and has the same affect? Perhaps murmur or belphegor… I would also like to hear your experience from evoking any necromantic demons.

According to Faust , necromancy is teached by Mephisto…but no personal experience.

Read Liber Falxifer.

You may want to check out S. Connolly’s series of books on necromancy. You could try Bune or Euronymous.

Also if Dante Abiel has resurfaced I’m sure he could hook you up with some demons to work with.

If you really want to commune with necrosophic shades, you should visit the catacombs of paris. Go as deep as necessary until your satisfied and out of local police patrol range and turn out your light and meditate. Any subconscious fears will be delt with, and you will see if this is really the path you wish to walk. I plan on going myself one day…maybe I’m just stuck in that childhood curiosity lol

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