Demonic Bible by Tsirk Susej

Has anyone worked the Demonic Bible by a Tsirk Susej… ?
I keep bouncing in and out or reading it- sometimes there seems to be a fairly valuble click to it- then it seems to veer into what i called; kneejerk reactionsim oppositional bs. kinda like what EA discusses when you have to read thousands of lines of bullshit until you find that one simple sentance which works.
I for one am not a “renouncer”; which may be a problem. but I have kinda a scientific bent on things and when seeing a galaxy being organised- I do not see any “Progressive” rejection of elements- but everything seems to lend itself to Constant Accretion. So renouncing jesus, god, the bible, christianity [[rejecting islam is ok- i feel I should at least be a hypocrit for balance };)> ]] not to mention that any Diety- Of which if there is a real satan he most surely is- Comprises ALL THINGS- just as the so called GOOD GODS do. So to renounce them would at least for me be throwing 40 years of intense concrete foundation upon which my current so called LHP is being erected into the trash.
But- there is alot which seems pretty sound- at least enough to experiment upon.
just wondering what anyone opinion is.

We have worked with the rite and completed it. The only use it has would be some sort of pathworking. If you can indeed evoke or invoke these entities to guide you then it would be more helpful i.e. taking their sigils and doing a evocation. Creative visualisation is good and well, but you’re still not dealing with the actual entities. It would only become an internal association and these Beings are not internal but external. That’s our opinion.

It’s a crock of shit.

I read threw that book some years ago, the entities in that book seemed legit but the pathworkings and preperations to rituals them selves seemed to much like bullshit. Nothing in live can be that hard if their is a much easier way to do it.