Demonic astrology

Hi guys,

Do you think is possible to define the Demonic Patron looking at the Natal Chart?.

For instance: in my Natal Chart, my Asc is Capricorn, Saturn has no aspect and Mars is opposite to Venus…



Yes it is possible, I wouldn’ t actually name it a Patron but rather an entity or entities with whom an individual can create a solid bond or can start a good working base but this requires much deeper analysis based on a complete astrological chart


Are you able to do it?

It can help you narrow it down i suppose by helpping you figure out which energies you should work with but like i said the mask of which demon/god may vary.


I dunno about demonic but the concept your are talking about is involved in vedic astrology with locating one’s Atmakaraka -soul significator and the Ishta, Dharma and palanna Devattas.

These 3 being the planet that wants to help guide you to spiritual liberation, the planet wanting to help guide you on your path in this life and the planet that wants to help you with material security in this life respectively.

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Sure, I can extract some names from the chart

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Can I PM you?

Of course, I’ll answer as soon as I can

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