Demonic Assassin (goetia)

Hi there guys, i am curious about baneful goetia workings. Which ally would you choose? Glasya-Labolas, Vepar, Leraje… And why?


I know Glasya-Labolas and can say he can be good for Bane if he chooses to be for you.

I have not worked with the others you mentioned yet.

I recently did a post on Glasya and my evocation of him.

Glasya works fast and has inventive ways of manifesting


Are you looking to match a Demon to a working? I can help with that


Glasya-Labolas is much recommended for death curses.


Leraje is a powerful demon that can cause much misery, conflict and even physical pain, soars and blisters. He can destroy an opponents mind and cause anger, anger flashes and other destructive behavior. He is a demon of death and destruction of the first tier.

From Tikaboo:

“Leraje (or Leraie) is a Marquis Great in power. He causeth all great Battles and Contests; and maketh wounds to putrefy that are made with Arrows by Archers. This belongeth unto Sagittary. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits."


I need results in taking down an enemy. I am thinking of doing some ritual involving 5 demonic allies, one for every corner of the Pentagram. A powerful baneful work to strike my enemy powerfully.


Sounds wonderful! Do you work with Leraje? His weapons are deadly poisonous for human targets. Do you know if He can poison also egregors and maybe other beings?


I have and he can certainly harm and cause much malice and discord as well as physical wounding. He is one of the major deitys if you wish to cause harm with baneful castings that i have employed.

Egregors or thoughtforms probably not as they are incorporate beings he would provide good shielding with any return to sender casting as well as baneful work to hex another among the living.


Sounds good. For me, King Belial destroyed my enemy like no other ever has.

Glasya is still working and he is the real deal! Unbelievable.


Can i ask King Belial to finish a person?

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Oh yes you can but in this case his enn is:

Agilleath Tiddehmos Tlyfos Belial

But must be your enemy which shall be under demonic attack

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So i use this enn only for this type of work right ?

should i gaze at his sigil and chant this enn? do i also have to ask ¨end¨ person (name) ?
what if i don’t know the name of the target can i ask ¨end¨ this person and visualize the person ?

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Well actually it opens the tower of the North, calls the powers of the Earth elementals and so it is a protection enn against enemies but very powerful when you say the name 3 times and desired Action. or you write the target’s full name on a paper, say the name of the enemy and desired action while you burn it and throw the ashes at a crossroad. The Enn should be said before and after :wink:

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what if i don’t know the name of the target can i ask ¨end¨ this person and visualize the person ?

btw thanks bro

haha. I think he didn’t hear my request. Or think it shouldn’t be done cuz it didn’t get fulfilled , hopefully soon or in the time frame of now!! lol. Maybe he’s doing the slow death method of preparation time. who knows . :man_shrugging: Expected as much to be a challenge with death curses. If it was easy then lots would drop like flies…

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That would be a act of the a loving supreme God

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@Quindecim Guess god don’t love me enough. haha. =o)

How do you know if your being heard ?
simple. If it’s a candle, you look at the dancing candle. It goes wild way up and black smoke goes up. When i just light a candle with no magic, the fire is calm and small. yet when i do baneful curses, it goes wild with black smoke. That’s how i know something is working. When i do good spells the fire doesn’t dance wild.

Next time you do candle related spells. observe how the fire dance with certain types of spells.


thanks for the heads up

Although you didn’t mention him I would say Andras. I personally consider him to be the serial killing assassin of the Goetica.

Just my two cents…