Demoness to help go viral on OnlyFans?

Maybe Lilith and Xaturing can help

I’ve done magick for clients who have OnlyFans you’d be surprised how many use magick to promote them. Allow me to give you a few ideas down below which I’ve used personally.

The Angels Of Prostitution

Lilith, Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat and Eisheth Zenunim also known as the angels of prostitution, are excellent entities to aid those who are not only involved in prostitution or the escort business, but adult businesses in general. I’ve used this for stripper friends of mine, for a client who ran a sex shop and clients who have been cam stars on things such as “Chaturbate” and OF too.

Santa Muerte

Besides being a black magician I’ve been a Santa Muerte devotee for many years, she is known also as “The Saint Of Outcasts” she is the least judgmental of beings. Prostitutes make offerings to her not only for increase in business but also for her protection circumventing the many dangers in that field. Simultaneously anyone who is any field of business she is great at aiding them in their works.

Consecrate The Page

In the “Wealth Magick Spellbook” release with myself and EA Koetting, I revealed in detail a ritual which I used to promote, improve and increase sales and attention towards a business, company, online stores, social media accounts, youtube channels, URL’s and even business logos. This is known as “The Consecration Of Gains” ritual the first version is available in this grimoire and it would be perfect to consecrate any social media pages, the OF URL, even images you may use too.

Translucent Super Imposed Sigils

Simultaneously you can create Venusian sigils upon a planetary Kamea of Venus as that particular planet is responsible for attraction and gravitation, Venus also rules over money too. So creating a sigil for that you can open the sigil and charge the sigil with that intention.

You can then use a Photoshop system to create a more translucent double of that sigil, which can be then superimposed upon any of your images on your OF or any images involved in advertisements/promotions.

Suhn’Tal’ock & Pent’osch

These two nether demons from the Book Of Azazel are great for matters like this in particular. For example a Suhn’tal’ock can take the vision of your desired outcome and bring it to manifest into reality. The second known as Pent’osch who is able to make incredible changes in seemingly circumstantial procession of events. Which can have a ripple effect across the whole timeline and through cause and effect whatever other shifts necessary to guarantee the desired result.


These are of course just a few examples of the many different ways you can do and use, I’ve combined a few of these different things and have seen some individuals who were just doing this alongside their normal career. Two of which I know have now done so well that this is now their full time route of monetary gain.


I’ve broadcast for Forneus to help mainstream marketers go viral. He always delivers.

For something like sex work i’d say Forneus for virality, and Sitri with Beleth for sex appeal. All 3 are in Ars Goetia or Demons Of Magick.

Alternately, Lucifer with Astarot, Asmodi, and Belzebub from Lucifer and the Hidden Demons would probably be a good choice; the 3 of them work to attract others to the forbidden, and cause others to do forbidden things. Anamalon and Sagarez under Astarot and Asmodi can also do things for your profile, as can Kalotes and Golog under Astarot, Magid and Gilamon under Asmodi, or Gramon under Belzebub.

Finally, i can tell you for a fact that the rapper Blac Chyna used conjured Baphomet to help her on her OF. She reportedly made $240 million doing this. I don’t know Chyna personally, but i do know someone who knows her very well, so i know her Baphomet conjuration was legit and genuine as long as it lasted.

Also, look into joining Bella French’s ManyVids site if you do live cam work. Bella is very sympathetic toward sex workers. I don’t do or follow anyone on OF, but i do know Bella is fair about compensating her site content creators.

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Not surprised at all actually. The kind of lowly vamipiric nature to be expected from those people. I’ve actually cursed OnlyFans people before, for their really toxic, shit talking behavior. Not real quality people.

I’ve had people come to me for that stuff too but I basically gave them a ritual outline and that’s it. (They didn’t follow through with it) I won’t be honest with people on those things. They can do it themselves.


Yet another reason I hated that platform. Not necessarily the people because I didn’t socialize, but the majority of the operation is built on the fact horny people are searching for some thing that is going to get them off. They find it, subscribe, get off, then that post nut clarity hits and they move on to do something productive, not returning until they’re in that mental state again.

Do you know what they’re not looking at? Their subscription list. A $3 paywall is low enough the majority of people won’t worry about it until it adds up to a point they need to, which could be months or years down the line.

So when people brag about being in the top .05whatever% of OnlyFans, what they’re actually in the top percentage of is having a large amount of people who forget to unsubscribe.

There’s nothing ethically wrong with being a creator and making money that way. If someone is throwing away their money, grab whatever floats your way.

But it’s not really something to brag about either, and just fosters an entitlement mentality as well as a false sense of superiority. Toxic traits, which lead to the toxic behaviors you apparently encountered.

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First, speaking as an outcast, thank you for sharing that info on Santa Muerte. I didn’t know that about her and it gives me another area to research.

But I need to address this bit here:

Long before OF, Blac Chyna…

  • Was a stripper at a high class club. She apparently impressed Drake enough he mentioned her in a song. Nicki Minaj did a whole verse about her,

  • Was in one of Tyga’s music videos, then went on to date him. He dumped her for Kylie Jenner, which worked out for her because she ended up with some nobody named Rob Kardashian, who she had a kid with,

  • Her and that Kardashian guy broke up, then he leaked her nudes on some app nobody uses called Insta…something,

  • Had a stint as a model,

  • Was a stunt double for Nicki Minaj, who she is friends with (it should be noted that Nicki Minaj has a knack for building empires),

  • Went to cosmetology school, then developed her own makeup line and clothing brand,

  • Appeared in several reality TV shows,

  • Released several (music) singles at the same time she was in OF (2020-2022),

  • And got her doctorate from the Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College in 2022.

If she did evoke Baphomet to find success doing porn on OF…I mean, she had a branded name, was a celebrity on several distinct platforms and genres (TV, hip-hop, cosmetics, etc), and already had a massive fan base. I can’t imagine Baphomet walking up and looking at the situation with an objective mind and seeing a point where his influence was going to make or break the project.

That being said, it would be interesting if it turned out Baphomet was the one who convinced her to get baptized and become a born again Christian.


I’ve wondered about whether or not spirits have power over cyberspace.

My best guesstimate is that she somehow got into Baphomet through Bobby Hemmitt’s work. It’s anyone’s guess how long she served Baphomet. Could be just before OF, could be just after, maybe she was inot Baphomet before she got famous. Until she speaks on it, nobody knows.

I figure she bailed on the whole deal when she encountered the downside of infernal spirituality. It’s not inherently beneficial and you encounter things you never expected to. That can throw a person off the whole deal if they’re not ready for that.


I did read she had a tattoo of Baphomet covered up when she became born again. No idea on when she got the tattoo though. I started to look up her doctoral dissertation hoping it could shed some light, but it turns out her degree was an “honorary doctorate,” and the school she received it from is not accredited.

Baphomet is a mere archetype that represents our complete higher selves, although now it would be an egregore and entity too because of so much attention and worship. The parallels with baphomet like angela white turning into blac chyna, are interesting but I dont think she was a devotee and petititoned it, and I’ve been in the circles of s3x workers/cam models especially transgender ones and more attention has been given to goddesses like Ishtar, Venus, and even Kali Maa, and never really saw baphomet mentioned nor any real work with him.

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