Demon with green eyes

So the last year when I was Christian I had my eyes closed and I saw his eyes green eyes. Like cat eyes. Then I saw him like 1 inch away from my face. He had marking in his skin the same colour of his eyes. And his skin was grey like a statue. He was smiling/smirking just watching me. I was scared shitless and he was so calm. Anyone know him?

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Hard to say, because spirits can change their appearance.

if you had to take a guess, what would your intuition tell you?

Also, you could ask for the spirit to reveal their name by a method you will understand, so if you for example overhear it or see it crop up 9outside here lol) 3 times in one day, you’ll know.

Good luck finding out who your visitor is! :+1:


I suddenly just got the intuitive feeling that it might very well be Azazel

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Well whoever it was was feeding on me. I was sos sick. I thought I was gonna die. Alchelois came and healed me. So I got rid of him.