Demon who can fix technology

I have a phone I’ve had for 5+ years . Sometimes it turns on but it dies at about 10% and I have to leave it off to charge . Sometimes it takes days to charge . The screen is cracked and the volume button is gone . Bottom line the phone is busted . I don’t really have money to fix it . SO a thought just came to mind . Is there a demon that can fix my phone for me ?

I’ve just attempted to give your phone an extra 3 months of life during which its performance should improve about 75%, but the hardware is ultimately failing, so please use this period if it works to make arrangements to replace it by the middle-to-end of December.


uhhhh … Did you somewhat fix it ?

@Lady_Eva Wow. You scare me sometimes.


I just attempted to make it run as well as possible, in the physical condition it’s in.

Your magick might be better directed towards getting a new phone that suits your needs, via money magick and/or Law of Attraction stuff, I have success using L.o.A. on acquiring objects.

Yeah it’s still not charging but that’s ok .

While we are here and on the money topic sort of , I recently created an app and now it’s in the app store .

I want to make thousands a day but I don’t think it’s possible without the help of a demon . I want to use Orobas to help me make thousands a day but I don’t know if that’s a reasonable offer that he will follow through on . I am in a shelter and I need to get the hell out of here . Should I just ask for the thousands straight up to Orobas ?

I do very much appreciate you trying to help though .

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Goddess Eva to the rescue, once again :joy:

Okay cut that crap out! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have attempted something, I don’t know how it will work out though, it may take a short time to bed in.