Demon to Influence a Change in Law

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if there is any demon or entity I can talk to in order to generate a change in the laws of a country.

Case in point: I want to have double citizenship between my home country and the country I’m moving to this year but the second one doesn’t allow double citizenship as of now.

Is it possible to use evocation or petition to make this happen for me? As it would be that the law of the second country changes, it implies influencing multiple people that I don’t even know in person. Sounds like an impossible task to me but I would like to hear the opinions of other magicians.

Thank you in advance for your input.


Demons can do a lot and even more, but the impact on reality is of this magnitude…I doubt that this is possible. There is some possibility. But my opinion is that this is not possible because there are many factors that simply do not depend on you.


Yes, this isn’t like influencing the minds of one or two people, which should be fairly doable. I was just curious if it could be possible.

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What complicates this is not just the need to influence numerous people, but the rigidity of process.
In most countries there are layers of bureaucratic process needed to effect a change in laws, these processes being governed by multiple other pieces of legislation.
So given these legislative underpinnings of process, merely influencing a large number of the right people to want to make a specific law change would not be enough in itself


It does sound like something almost impossible to accomplish from that perspective. I’ve seen multiple success stories with all kinds of problems on this forum but none that involves changing the laws of an entire country

It takes one major event to change the course of a nation- It takes one major event to either create new laws or repeal and veto existing laws

My two cents is this, under the right circumstances, who knows what may happen

Spirits have played major roles in helping nations win wars, helping candidates secure the position of political power etc…

Which entities can influence and manipulate situations which would eventually result to your desired outcome?

Maybe Belial

King Paimon influences the thoughts of the magician’s target - If you happen to know the responsible people who would be responsible in making such decision,
maybe you can petition King Paimon to influence and manipulate their minds to take actions that would eventually lead to your desired outcome

King Belial has authority over politics and government and King Paimon is the one who Commands

This may not be something that is done overnight though, still If you desire such outcome, remember:


That’s what Magik is all about; To bring about irrefutable changes into one’s reality that once were perceived as impossible - If your will and intentions are strong enough, that’s half of the work right there

Upon read the post, King Paimon and King Belial were the first spirits that jumped to mind

If you so prefer, you may want to add Lucifer or AZAZEL into the mix

There are plenty of information about these entities on the forum, go take a look :eyes:

Spirits can literally bend and manipulate the laws of physics itself, realigning the stars to favor one’s destiny… Rearranging a few things here and there; manipulating the thoughts and perceptions of some human beings to bring a specific result is light work

just don’t harm other unnecessarily, don’t harm those who can’t defend themselves or innocent

Hope this helps

Good luck :+1::four_leaf_clover:


Wow, such detailed explanation! Thank you so much.
Do you think a spell like this would have to be casted multiple times?

When it comes to magik, listening to one’s intuition is key

If intuitively you’ve led to do multiple rituals then that would be the move to make, be careful not to repeat the exact same ritual over and over

You can start with Lucifer: As Lord of light, you can ask him to give you more insight into the matters at hand and to illuminate on the path you needed to ensure greater success

You don’t have to do a full evocation of Lucifer, simply meditate on his sigil with the conscious thought of receiving clarity and insight that will guide you through your operation

It is not wise to rush things tho, take as much time as you need

When move to King Paimon and King Belial, be as precise as possible :

King Paimon manipulates the mind of one or a multitude -
King Belial manipulates situations, events and have great influence over the affairs of the state

These entities are not only limited to the above mentioned, they are capable of far more than that

Be sure taking into account each one’s individual abilities when petition them

Note if felt guided to approach AZAZEL, for he may or may not be necessary


Hell Om my dear friend Starlight2 …
To french kiss the long solution and master general French you my Wizking:

Just Worship Lucifer excessively, With Belial, Bune, Shiva, Satan, King Paimon, Hypnos and Dantalion Jones everyday and night for 7months and the law is changed now. Thank you so much moon8mood Lirash Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial. All Hail Satan. You will be the President of the country to a very high mastery way or have a fuck ton of money and bliss emperor Starlight2


Thank you everyone, I’ll create a customized spell based on your suggestions.


if you are just looking to get dual-citezenship, changing the whole system is extra work. You could just work with the demons to get yourself an exception. Its easier to get what you want for yourself than trying to change the whole system.

Changing the whole system can be done, but it might require a group working to do it


Which demons can help with this?

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Demons which can help with this are:

(In order of my awe)

  1. Lord Satan
  2. King Belial
  3. Lucifer Amaymon
  4. Shiva (The Dark One, The Secret Of The Light)
  5. Dantalion Jones
  6. Hypnos
  7. Bune
  8. Clauneck
  9. Asmodeus
  10. King Paimon

But some people believe Hypnos is an Angel
Or ArchAngel in one of his manifestations and Lord Shiva is a formless Spirit.

I wish you find this very useful my dear.

That is an excellent suggestion when it comes to working with demons. I too have been wandering about it myself because here in Texas some of these laws are absolutely ridiculous and there is a lot of people who want change in the laws and I will say this match. I have seen some success stories myself.

But thank you for this