Demon to help get revenge on someone

my ex just did me wrong once again and is a lying cheating piece of shit, i just wanna make sure he feels worse than what i feel. what demon should i call on and what should i ask them?


I suggest you do a search through the Baneful Magick section.


thank you, i’ll check it out

Make a petition to mother Tiamat.


You are your own demon. There is no greater being than the self.

Rise up in anger and frustration and cast your will upon a candle and watch it burn for the lust of your desire.



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I like Bifrons and/or Bune, necromancy is great to use against some special targets


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Demons are real. And they aren’t into Edgar allen poe or Lovecraft. You can’t beset any demon you want on just anybody, most people have gaps in their spiritual defenses your not going to boss anything around first of all, you don’t really have anything the demon would need from you, your already unhappy with your situation, so you yourself are free for the taking to many spirit’s of hate, envy, contempt and such, your destroyer types bred, so your soul isn’t really valuable. Now the soul of someone who experiences your exact situation to the fine details, but instead easily finds peace,compassion, charity forgiveness without even considering bridging literal hell upon someone who probably really did whatever earned him that level of malice. Souls like that are worth a premium. The currency issue is that you have nothing to sell and any demon by nature CANNOT be owed a debt by any living soul. Since a demon will never do anything but attempt to contaminate you willingly there’s no such thing as a deal with one. If one were to negotiate one with you, it would be to assuredly reach a momentary lapse in your defenses then bam its in you. Hard to get out since priests and magic water virtually never work, that’s about possession, the big number’s are in oppression, the constant strain wears people down then breaks them. They become heartless people. Using anger to quench their anger and so forth. Jesus and his famed demonfighters had actual complete spiritual defenses, realize how hard that is to maintain. You gotta be like PURE zen and let people put you on a spike without being mad, you gotta genuinely not want someone else to take it instead in your place…so yea the guy that said your your own demon curse was pretty much right. You can expose yourself to whatever spirit you want, just do whatever it is your expecting him to do and it will put him in you. Even his power the more hes in you the more of it you will utilize. Want to do necromancy, make yourself a corpse and do it so hes connected. Frame him with deciet, hurt him with murdet, despair him by taking away what he really loves most in jealousy of his happiness. You will become better and more natural at it the more you do it, letting more demon in. Maybe his defenses will fall to your chosen attack and a demon can breed in him too…that’s how it works.

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