Demon to go to for knowledge and Intelligence?

Basically I want to know what demon or spirit to go to, to give me a lot of knowledge and intelligence in general, as in sharper mind, more thought processes, seeing how the world works, and how to use the world to my advantage.

In other words i want to become a genius for a short time to help assist in making music, and also finding out how to make money from a laptop. Which demon/ spirit would be the easiest to contact for this to happen?

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If you’re using the book “Lucifer and Hidden Demons”, May I sugguest to you summon

  • Corilon to improve a skill in a short period of time.

  • Kalotes to learn fast and easily

  • Kataron to improve your skills in specific artistry, craftworking etc.

For me, I noticed the differences in speed and understanding.


Hi, just got the book but I don’t know how to summon kalotes. Followed the the instructions but seems vague. Please help me through. I Wana memorize school stuff and retain it for long God will. Regards and thanks

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Im in sameboat as u can anyone give me suggestions? Or their success stories regarding this …