Demon that could help me find an apartment

I’m actually in a complexe situation.
I’m living in Switzerland, wich is an overpopulated country when it come to cities. I have a normal ouctome, in not in a bad monatary situation and I’m trying to find a appartement for the advancement of my carreer. But each time I’m visiting a new place, there are at leat 20 to 30 other personn visiting it. It’s actually the 15 I’m visiting, and for now, I have never retain the attention of agencies that rent appartments. Around here, some people can stay a full year or more in that situation.
So it’s time for some Magick and Evocation.
Sadly the grimoires have been written, for most, during a time when this kind of cases didn’t exist. So I’m going from demons that brought luxury to those who bring death, or money, or iniation, or change metal into gold, help with astrology…
Would someone have a guy to recommand to help with this particular situation ?

Look at my old posts .

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The situation appears a bit different, as you wanted your old appartement back. You knew some people to manipulate using demons.
Here I never met the owners, I only pass my papers to agencies. All appartement in switzerland an owned by agencies due to there cost.

You could sway the people in the agencies who do control it…

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On of of the links under my posts someone says bathin could help find an apartment

Thanks !
Did it worked ?

Well . I didn’t ask him so I wouldn’t know .

These days Lucifer and Duke Dantalion are demons I always call on . But King Belial can open doors for you and so can other demons .

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Try the find a new house ritual from the Mystic Grimoire (Frater Malak) book. And the buy/sell ritual from the same book, if you need to sell and/or buy. Both NEVER fail me when any renting, purchasing or finding housing issues. Notr all rites and spells in MG are all that but these are truly miraculous.

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Will do so, thank you. Peased to meet you :slight_smile:

I would say Belial because he is the protector of the witch blood and if you need a home to do ritual and for protection from the weather, I think he would help if you had that intention for the help.

I agree with plum_girl. After being on the waiting list for over 6 years without even being offered a single one appartment, I performed the ‘Ideal change my home’ ritual from the Mystical Grimoire 4 months ago. I moved into a new appartment just a couple of weeks later and am very happy here :grinning:

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Perhaps a spirit that obliterates the competition and another to beguile the real estate holder and make you look more favorable.

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One year later Hopefully they found an apartment