Demon for a home

What demon can I summon to help me get my old apartment back ? Or one around my old apartment ?

Please try searching first :slight_smile:


I just reread this and I have a quick question .

My mom and my landlord had serious problems and he took her to court to get her out . They went back and forth to court for almost a year I think . Then he did and his son did the same thing (everything I said above) . But I didn’t want to leave AT ALL . It was a good neighborhood, close to transportation and good places to eat .

If I want that house back wouldn’t I have to call on a demon of mind manipulation like King Paimon or Duke Dantalion, to make the landlord beg for us to come back, instead of a demon like Bathin ?

Any answers ?

Maybe Belial? Seems like a case for justice dude is great for stuff like that just imo tho

I would say death curse. Make him suffer. Either that or complete enthrallment just for the sake of it.

I don’t think I was very clear . After taking us to court etc we finally left . So all the court stuff is done and over with . We haven’t talked since the day before we left . So no communication in over a year. Even though I had a couple of run ins with his sister who was nice to us.

But I want a demon to manipulate him into begging us to come back . I want him to call my mom and keep asking us to come back until we say yes .

@TheRookie Met Kaifu’s Black Pin trick? That may work. It’s a spell to completely mind control someone. From the Voudoun training course.

I just updated my reply

@TheRookie The answer remains the same. It’s a spell to mind control someone. What you need is mind control. I actually think this may require complete enthrallment if you want him to beg you to come back.


King Paimon is said to be able to basically make people your slave

I personally had his help in binding a spirit to me

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Oh yeah I heard that before .

Well I’m already in "contact " with him so I’ll just ask him and see what I get . I need that apartment by thanksgiving

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Remind me not to piss in your cereal.


Me or the storm ?

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That was directed towards Storm.

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Yeah I don’t think he would be one to mess with. However I think the same can be said for quite a few people here! Including the ones that may be under underestimated!!