Demon possession

Is there a demon that I can summon to possess me temporarily to build some apps with flying colors ?

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Don’t know that possession is necessary for this, working regularly with any spirits that specialize in creative arts should be enough.

What spirits would be good for this ?

I’ve heard of a few experiences a few years ago of some people working with King Paimon to help with musical and art endeavors he may be able to help lend you aid in this endeavor.

there are probably a few spirits in the goetia that would be able to help you, if you find one that resonates with you research into their nature, planetary and elemental associations. Off the top of my head any spirits aligned with venus and mercury would be able to teach you how best to create something to help with business.

Do I just say King Paimon teach me this programming language for … ?

hmm something along the lines of asking him to help you in the creation of you app and your business as a whole may be more useful. If you can see and hear spirits, it may be possible he could teach you directly, I’ve never attempted something like that.

Usually what happens when i preform a ritual to learn new things is the resources that will help me learn the most effective way to do what i’m trying to learn kind end up in my path at some point in the course of my own study and i have an easier time comprehending the information.


What is the objective of so-called “Demonic possession”? What does this accomplish? What would this sort of thing accomplish for Satan and his Demons? Sounds standard christian shit to me .Gods never possess us rather they aid us in a very positive spiritual manner .

Um what .-.

Not all “demons” are Satan’s…

I have been noticing this word possession for a while in this forum . what do you mean by possession ?

I have seen that word being used for belial , azazel , lucifer uwu

Full possession is when the entity is allowed control of your body… But there are different degrees to it, I just can’t remember what they entail…

And demon is the general term for them. Most were once gods before being demonized.


You are thinking in terms of the Xtian term of possession, see it in a dogmatic light.
No, here on this forum it is seen as an opportunity to grow. To let the said entity guide and show you how to hand a specific task.

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Aint thinking nomoar uwu

What does uwu stand for?

UwU or uwu is another way of typing the smiley face :3, TwT or twt. it means happy, like an anime character’s face when they’re overjoyed.
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Ahhh, I’ll see… (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)

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I want a demon to possess me and make games through my body