Demon or spell?

I need to get a person out of my way, this person made me very bad and nowadays it has been a rock in my magic path, because I can only practice magic if he is not here, what would be better for this to do a spell? To call a demon?, what would be good for it? Could someone give me an idea?

Personally I’d do both, as far as demons, I suppose it depends on what you want accomplished, Kings Belial and Vine come to mind for removing obstacles.

To me, spellwork at the least is a part of working with any entity, its personally for me not being dead weight or lazy. If there is anything mundane that can be done to fix the situation, I would do that before spellwork.


Ditto that- unless the individual is like a stalker and won’t go away by mundane means- I.e “GET THE FUCK OUT!!” I’d try that first. If there is a sense of intimidation to said mundane means I guess that’s a different story. Restraining orders and the like seem to piss people off more and strange get stranger