Demon Of Power And Will - Eshmak


Demon Of Power And Will - Eshmak

Eshmak manifests as a thick, black mist before the Evocator, who then can command the demon to take a human form. The will cause the mist to swirl, culminating as a thin, gaunt man with sunken-in features and little hair remaining. Eshmak speaks quietly, as if an enemy might overheard, and has a slight hiss to his words.

The demon can help a Sorcerer gain control and dominion over any person’s thoughts and perception, placing images in a person’s mind or distorting that which is already there.

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Perhaps I utilized him to ‘help’ another person forget about something that could have been potentially damaging to me, which I couldn’t fix immediately at the time, therefore it would be damaging to me if it was known I allowed the situation to develop, even though I was able to remedy it in the next few days. As far as I can tell…it worked or at least seems to have. I did a simple sigil ritual the night the person found out stating my desire to have that person consistently forget the occurrence. I really was expecting a large reaction from the person in question to attempt to damage my reputation the next day (before I did the ritual), but nothing occurred. And hasn’t for the past 3 weeks now.