Demon named Tonaia

Her name is pronounced Ton-eye-uh. Does anyone know of this demon? She seems to usually appear as female, bring on surges of independence (referred to as rebellion by non-fun people lol) and help with logic and critical thinking. I met up with her many years ago.

I was just curious if anyone else has met this one, since I’ve not seen her mentioned in any of the texts on demons I’ve read. She came unbidden when I was pretty young.

Nope. Haven’t heard of her … sounds to me like she’s your (pick your word) familiar, guardian, guide, etc. Have you asked her about this long-standing relationship she sought out with you so long ago?

I’ve inquired about the relationship but it never really occurred to me to ask what she is. I got used to thinking of her as a demon two decades ago and never bothered to actually ask if that was the correct terminology. lol! Thanks Zoe!

She reminds me of Lilith

If she comes again, you should ask what kind of spirit she is. I had a spirit of a beautiful astral woman appear above me one morning in my meditation room in trance. I asked her directly ‘what kind of spirit are you?’ very carefully and deliberately. She replied, ‘Vam-Pi-Ress’. It was a a beautiful experience and an energy exchange took place. I asked her name as well and it was also a three syllable word. Spoken slowly and as her lips moved, a second or two later the mental voice reached my inner hearing. Sounds like she is looking out for you.

She has a lot in common with Lilith, most definitely.