Demon Initiation Rite + Invocation and work with Lucifuge Rofocale

So today was an extremely busy today for me, magically, and I’m writing this feeling both exhaustion and some of the most fucking intense ecstasy I’ve ever experienced. When I was a fledgling Demonolater (oh which I still am) I never performed an initiation ritual, since of course I’m auto-didacting most of this shit like I assume half of us.

SO: I’ll tell you I followed the ritual by your girl, V.K Jehannum, and it was one of the most intense fucking things I have ever experienced. I faced North while naked around noon, adorned my body in Abremelin ritual Oil, and performed the incantations to Belial, Gargophias, Astaroth, Lucifuge Rofocale, and Mephistophiles (I’ll provide a link at the end of this.) Now to preface: Lucifuge’s name has been in my head for days, possibly weeks, and I’ve performed Sex Magic for Belial before. Upon reaching the moments where I called out to Lucifuge, my Third Eye felt like a hammer was taken to it, and I was being thrust forward into some kind of ineffable abyss. Lucifuge’s presence was like elation, the feeling I got was as if someone was very excited to speak to me, finally: Belial, and Astaroth acted much in the same way too. But Lucifuge-- he called out to me, and the energy was so freaking intense it followed me for hours after I performed it.

I remember standing there, grinning ear to ear, with a since of “rebirth”: the euphoria I felt was unlike anything I’ve known before. Both a sense of “welcoming” and “induction” were what I felt, beside the sheer elation that also continuously followed (and even now I still feel it.) I felt surrounded by all five of them, with the great Triple Horned Lucifuge in-front of me, excitedly welcoming me. Sounds kind of “me me me” but I don’t give a shit that’s kind of the point of this, yeah?

I’ve been researching Lucifuge for the better part of the day, ingesting everything, watching Papa Koetting’s talk about it, and was like “Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.” I prepared some Italian Food, with Roscato, a mixed alcoholic drink alongside that, and performed my ritual. I again performed it naked, as I do for most of the time (I assume this is just standard,) and when I began calling out to the Great Lucifuge, my forehead was about to crack open. The Energy started from the Muladhara, to the Svadhisthana Chakra, and up. There was a moment of almost arousal in calling Lucifuge, same with Lord Belial: though with Lucifuge the sensations were very, very strong, if you catch my drift.

It is worth noting, I’ve mentioned before I struggle to hear clear messages, and see images: D.H Thorn gave a talk about a verbal vs image based brain, and mine is so verbal, it’s harder for me to “see/hear” shit. Well that was definitely not the case today: I could see, if barely, the Great Lucifuge in all his glory before me. His Satyr like appearance, his three horns, intimidating but alluring face, and welcoming disposition. We spoke at length, for roughly 20 minutes about what I desired, my terms, and what we, together, would achieve through my transformation and his influence. “Devour the world,” was a phrase I heard quite clearly in my throat (if that makes sense). The connection I felt to him was fucking magnificent and addictive.

Even thinking his name puts shivers through me, haha, writing all of this was bringing up so much ecstasy I had to take a moment and just ponder. So needless to say, this was a very good day. I am going to enjoy having Lucifuge Rofocale be a part of my life, this one and the one after it. Hail Lucifuge Rofocale!


It should be worth noting, that I’m a very salacious, fame seeking, wealth aspiring homosexual: in my practices with Belial and Lucifer, sexual energy has never been neglected.

My Svadhisthana Chakra remains more or less constantly “working” around them, and I’d definitely like to add that Lucifuge brought about the same effects, tremendously. They aid in my rituals, though some would advise against treating these great Demons like they’re Incubi (which I don’t.) It’s a shared, mutual, but intense session of feasting upon and transferring the sexual energies between My-self and the Entity I am working with.