Demon in Stone

So recently after I noticed quite a shift in my ocular power, I had a vision of a being encased in a stone tablet.

The being looks like a classic christian demon, horns, hair, sharp teeth massive smile with human legs. His skin from what I could see was white although I was only able to see his hand.

He was trapped inside a massive orangey dusty yellow stone tablet or slab thing. It was reminiscent of Han Solo from star wars. Only his left hand was free and with it he was calling me to come to him. I was suspicious, but now it actually seems he was trapped and needed my help.

I had a mini vision of his face as soon as I woke up the next day which is quite unusual even for me so now I kinda feel bad for him, poor guy might have been trapped for thousands of years. Although I’m a bit concerned with the fact that he was imprisoned, he might be some ancient evil or a victim.

Dunno what I should do, if I do help, I don’t know what to do beside giving him offerings, any ideas?

Get a reading - do one yourself, maybe get one done as backup! :wink:

Q. 13 in the Book Of Fate is good for scoping people and spirits out ahead of time, though I’d advise you to get more than one.

Your description reminds me of Acathla in the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer…