Demon help for sex with specific person?

Hi, i tried the search engine, quite for a while now with any key word or name that i know that can help me find what i’m looking for but i am still not sure what to do so i decided to take my shot and ask. So can someone recommend nice demons that can help me have sex with someone of my choice? It’s really important to me to be that person or no one at all and i don’t want to try to make a deal with someone that may get me laid with anyone else just for the sake of it, i kind of want a demon that i can trust with that. And i want a demon that’s a bit romantic too. It will be a bit more difficult but still possible with their help. Someone that can help me for six months to a year. And what would be a good offering? I don’t want either me or the other person to be, like, possessed but other than that i’m open to ideas. Sorry i know it’s a long post but i thought i should specify what i want and i’m really hoping someone can help me out.

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Hmmm…before going through all that…I would suggest using your own game…have you talked to this person? Have you taken them on a date? Have they shown any interest in you? If not…what can the demons do for you? You have to put in your foot work.


Yes, i know, i’m trying, i’ve been trying very hard to like, get more attractive since last year, last year they did liked me and i wanted to try for something more, then i started working with Duke Dantalion and he’s been helping me a lot, i don’t want to go into details but the situation isn’t easy, however i do know they have taken an interest to me and i have talked with them, it’s just not that easy for that other person to act as well, i just want to try and ask someone that can be trusted with this, that they will think about it and either say yes or no to help me with what i want, if they say no then no, there’s nothing much i can do about it.

If sex with a certain person is what you want . Sitri is the man :blush:

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I was always going around between him and Lilith, i’m a bit worried to try to contact him because i’m not sure how he will react to me and my request but you gave me the answer i was looking for for the past few weeks at the least. Thank you!

I’d say talk to them first, become friends, get a feel for each other and if they’re into it, feel each other. :wink:

Otherwise having someone that doesn’t want the sex to be compelled treads into murky waters…

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Dude, in my personal experience, Sitri gives positively no fucks in the best way. Want ass? Merry Christmas! Like I asked to be attractive to men and my ass is STILL dealing with the shockwaves of orbiters. I’d heavily recommend Sitri for what you’re doing, but if you’re looking for a lil more than sex beware. Sitri’s here for a good time, not a long time. :wink:


If one or two others are working on emotions and stuff would it go well put together? So i’d still have a chance for something more if i also work with Sitri? Also what would be a good offering for him?

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Oh, absolutely. Sitri plays nice with other entities, yes. I used to use his assistance along with Sallos and Dantalion and it worked like a charm to get sexual attraction and genuine emotion.

Here’s a thread about offerings for him:

Mostly very sensual things, naturally. If you set a chocolate or other sweet food item out I’d recommend using a sealed container cuz, y’know, ants. Yes the offering can still be taken through a container, just dispose of it by burying it after about 2 days (I usually just wait one honestly). I have made this mistake before absentmindedly lol it was kind of gross.

Honestly I mostly just give water to entities for convenience and sanitary purposes. I’d like to give liquor more often (very common preference for entities), but I don’t really consistently have access to it.

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Thank you so much for your help!