Demon Goddess lilith

I have the thought lilith is one of the mask of lucifer I don’t know if this is actually true this thought had come to my mind and I want to share that and take answers

What makes you say that? She is a hardcore feminist and I think you are downplaying her… she might get super pissed.

I don’t think so… Just if you’ll consider that Lilith -->Hekate–>Diana–> Astaroth/Astarte -->Hera–>Virgin Marry–>Junona–>Venus–>Venus (the planet)–> Lucifer. (Why Lucifer, because He is known as the “morning star” morning star=Venus) And it can go even beyond…

Simply put. Lilith is the black moon of freedom. There is no reason to fall into this assumption just do your research in many mythologies she is described as the feminine power of freedom and divination.

No lilith is so positive to me. I have that thought and she says me I don’t answer you but send it on the forum and you will get the answer.she is on my mentors in magic she never get angry with me.She likes me she says me "your aura attracting me to you"you can summon her or read me to affirm that

I don’t know … I have only heard about her from other people. Some say she is Indian goddess Kali but from the description of people she is totally different from Kali.

Lilith and Lucifer have been almost entirely unrelated beings in my experience.


They are two separate beings and I have meet both. However, both are very caring and willing to help if they like you.

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