Demon/God to call for legal help?

So I would like to know who to call for help with a legal situation I’m in.

Im being sued over a 2019 car accident.
I had insurance but a lady involved in the accident is suing for a million dollars and named me & my mom in the suit (mom wasn’t even there ). The insurance is paying for a lawyer for us.

Here’s how it went down: I was driving along ok then suddenly she was stopped (parked?) in the right lane with NO brake lights on.

I tried to stop but couldn’t because I couldn’t tell she was stopped until I was right on her and saw the truck in front of her’s brake lights were on.

The cop was new said he’d take my side of the story after he spoke to the others but didn’t. He came back with a ticket that was later reduced to failure to avoid.

I think she’s one of those people who cause accidents on purpose because she’s claiming she was hurt BUT I was the last person and vehicle to leave the scene and NO ambulance was called to the scene of the accident.

In fact everyone involved was out standing around except me I was sitting trying to catch my breath because the airbag triggered some asthma in me.

What God or demon can I ask for help? I don’t want her dead or anything like that, I just want her to settle with my insurance and drop the lawsuit and never sue us again ever.

So help lease? Who can I call on for help to win or have her call off the lawsuit?

I asked Lady_Eva if it was ok to post this because I didn’t want to ask a question that someone else had asked and got a answer to already she said it was ok to post this question.

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Týr and His rune Tiwaz.




I TOTALLY second Tyr!