Demon for writing inspiration

Hi, I’m new here and with the work of E.A. Koetting in general, also first time going into the LHP.

I was wandering, if anyone has knowledge of a demon that could help with inspiration for writing poems, tales and that sort.

I have never evoked a demon before, but I’m eager to work with them,


Mammy’aon is known for this, but has a tendency to inspire with things of a macabre, dark nature.

I’d think working with any demon would give one something to write about.

Just opening Mammy’aon’s sigil will influence your work…give it a go.

Note: I had to try many times before I could get his sigil to actually open…I don’t know if this is common with this entity but don’t give up if you’re unsuccessful the first few trys

I have open Belial’s sigil and now he has become an important character in my novel, I will keep working with him but I’ll considerer Mammy’aon for later works.

The Eye, yeah I know, but I wanted to catch how demon’s influence feel.

thanks for the suggestions guys

Hi i am new here ,i just love everithing about E.A Koetting jut all and makes me fell how i really Wanna Fell!!!
I was wandering if anywone has knowledge of a deamon that can help me in my fights buy the way i am a Kickboxer i know what i am doing but i love this art so much that i wanna progress an know more about IT,more and more AND MORE FOCUS!!! i have never evoked a demon beafor or angel i just know that KEPU CIMERES GOD DEMON IS A TRUE WORRIOR please can some one tell me what to do??or ho i sould evoke and try to go in path whit!! ???or not to do!!! Tanks!


Rufus Opus worked with Bune and said he wrote more during that period of his life than he had becore or since…he also said he turned to a dark hateful bastard during that time so theres that.

At one time I was writing a lot of poetry, mostly spurred on by unresolved emotions. Seems that may be a common impetus for writing.