Demon for revenge?

what demon do you recommend for revenge? some money have been stolen from me by my ex bf and I want revenge. I want it fast. any ideas?

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Revenge is too general. Decide more precisely what you want to happen. Most demon’s specialize in specific results and effects.

Once you decide, look through some grimoires to find one that suit’s your needs. If you don’t have any, look online for some.

Researching the demon yourself will enhance the results you obtain. Refer to EA’s idea of Preparatory Immersion for why this is.

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Depends on what you want. Might I suggest, a trickle effect? Maybe evoke a demon that specializes in mind control to have them form a severe addiction, be it drugs, sex, gambling, whatever… Something that destroys them from the inside out…

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If you’re interested in getting your money back, evoke Andromalius. He returns stolen goods and doles out justice. I suppose justice can be a form of revenge.

If you don’t care about the money (wha?) and just want revenge for the theft, pretty much any demon can dole out some bad shit if they’re so inclined. You do need to sit down and think up a battle plan, however. Have him/her catch a non-fatal STD that puts a real damper on their sex life, make him/her lose his significant other, job, car and home in a short amount of time, alienate him/her from everyone so (s)he’s all alone, push him/her to the brink of madness…the possibilities are endless. The more specific you are, the better and more satisfying the results will be.


AZAZEL, sometimes has Justice as part of his office

He really, can give you justice


As Dani said I would recommend asmodeus also baphomet

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I may recommend two good books.

One is from EA, Baneful Magick, there you will find easily a hundred ways of dealing with such people

The other is Magickal Attack of Gordon Winterfield.

These two books will be very useful to you, for now, and in the future.