Demon for pure obsession

What demon is specifying in “pure obsession” regarding “love” matter? I know that there are a lot of demons for love and lust, but its not something I am only looking for. I am looking for a demon that can give you pure obsession from someone (contacting you non stop, thinking about you all the time, always wanting to be with you, being completely obsessed with you, etc.)and those kind of things.

And yes I know that this can be really dangerous and that some people are gonna say how I don’t want this bc you can never know how far will someone go, but I don’t really care nor mind, I want this certain person to be obsessed. So who should I contact? I was maybe thinking about Lilith, but I am not sure if shes the right choice for this. Help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Any other more “beginner friendly” demons for this lol? I’ve heard he’s not beginner friendly.

Have you tried Duke Dantalion? When I performed my first ritual with him I was a beginner and everything went well. An obsession jar could be helpful too.


Not yet but would love to contact him again and establish a relationship. Did you do an obsession jar with him and how long did it take for you to see results? And how long did it last?

The obsession jar was not for me, it was for my cousin and she is still with the guy (not married though). I had no experience with goetics before that spell, I had only practiced Umbanda for years, never had done an evocation or something similar before. So, before the spell, I did an offering to Dantalion as we usually do with Exús and Pomba Giras. For the spell itself I followed this tutorial:

My cousin is the one who “charges” the bottle with a red candle and keeps it under her bed. Dantalion’s sigil is inside the bottle lid.


Thank you! Awesome work

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@DDE1920 obsession jar can we also make this without any experience with magic or so?

Very strange the video is not available anymore