Demon, deity- sexual organs

I was just curious, what demon or deity is like the controller of sexual organs. I was thinking of Pan but wasn’t sure.

There isn’t, as far as I am aware. Let me guess, you’re looking for penis enlargement magic?

that or causing impotence in his enemies. which would make sense since he is asking for a demon.

I don’t need penis enlargement. I just wanted to see if it was possible for an entity to improve erection quality. I was just curious… lol.

why not go the herbal/vitamin/medicinal root. try yohimbe root, it’s great for working out, lucid dreaming(if you really, really, control the dose), and I’ve heard it used for just this thing.


… x) …

Why not try testosterone replacement therapy? That’s the big thing right now. Everyone’s talking about it. If it’s done right, important things stay hard and other important things don’t shrink.

Might I suggest… Viagra?

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