Demon Contact

Just thought I’d see if I get any response from this. I probably most likely will not. But In case I do. Do demons come to you as a kid growing up? Lets say growing up as in you’d be in Grade 7 growing up. I’ve had a few come to me over the years. I’ve had to look them up to make sure I wasn’t crazy when they gave me their names. Lilith was one of them when I was growing up. Azazel most recently sent me to you. Which I’m grateful he did. I’d been learning more then I knew before.

Do they really have a big influence on your life that you don’t realize what is going on at times? As in an example. If you strive to find your love. Your true love. Would the Succubus that chose you bring her to you in human form? It’s happened to me a few times which I really love. But I thought I’d bring the subject into light and see if I’m not crazy on that. I know Succubus’s can do that much. But just wanted to make sure on that. Lilith just doesn’t give her name to anyone or make sure you remember her.

Thanks so much for your time in reading my post :slight_smile: