Demon best to garner trust

I’m seeking a bit of advice. I want to destroy an enemy rival, But this person is very mistrusting of my motives, as we’ve been at odds for over a year. I want to remove her from my path once and for all, and in order to do what I envision,
I have to gain her complete trust and friendship again. She is a fairly competent witch herself also. My ultimate goal is to destroy her and prove that im the best candidate for the job position we both want.
So I’m wondering which demon would be best to help me gain her trust so she’ll never see it coming.

Bumping this thread as I would like to know also.

Difference is I don’t want to hurt him. But want do “demand” his trust. Never hurt him or did anything for him not to trust me (and do not wish to betray that trust in any way ever). It would also help if they would also push back his guardians in a “back away” type of fashion. Ya know walking up to him with his hands out clearing the path.

According to Henry Archer’s book The Magick of Angels and Demons, the combination of the Shem angel Chaviah and the Goetic demon Naberius can “recover your reputation if it has been tarnished by truth or lies.”


Belial is very helpful here too.

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I’m sure I would have been in the yeah right category (as in no way in hell) would I have complete trust in a demon like Astaroth. (I mean really wtf)
She is manipulative as hell, omg, I could not see that shit coming, because she has ways with words and thoughts, cause she is a complete bull shiter and a master negotiator.
The thing is though, she knows how to garner complete trust. (I mean who the fuck could do that, not even Belial could manage that with me.) But of course when working with her all the warnings apply.
She has perfect love and perfect trust down to a science, and she knows how to use people’s fantasies to manipulate them.

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I’m just now seeing these replies so thank you for your suggestions.

I’ve been leaning on contacting Belial. I have been seeing his name lots lately. My reputation hasn’t been harmed in any way. Just walls up (him) that I want to tear down. Tarot says trust issues in general (him not me). I asked for the brutal truth from King Paimon. And I got it. I received another reading from a lady whom stated that he is thinking of reaching out to me again but is “overthinking it” . He was mad at me for awhile in regards to something I did (I kind of messaged him then blocked him and prevented him from replying back. Shitty, yes but I had reasons and told him I was going to and why) but it sounds like his isn’t any longer.