Demon Behemoth ? Creature Behemoth?

Is there a different between the Demon Behemoth to The Creature/Monster Behemoth ?

Impressed with the might of Behemoth, Molochproposed that they would try to have the primordial beast join the ranks of the Inferno as its strength and power would be of great use during their war against Heaven in the coming Apocalypse, however, this was disregarded as Behemoth would have no loyalty towards Hell or Heaven itself. It was not until Beelzebubfound an alternative by taking a piece of the Behemoth and forging it into its own separate infernal being.

Beelzebub had sent several demons to carefully cut a piece of the Behemoth’s hide using Mammon’slegendary Twin Blade, but not before had Mammon place several wards onto the blade to prevent its aftereffects from killing the Behemoth, and return it back. Beelzebub then had Mulciber literally forge the new body from the Behemoth’s torn piece before Mammon would infused it with ancient alchemy combined with Necroplasm to bring life to the newly formed demon also called Behemut. The demon would join the Order of the Fly as the chief cupbearer of Hell’s nobility.

Yes and no.

Originally, Behemoth and Leviathan were considered to be primordial chaos monsters created by God in order to birth the cosmos. Behemoth was male and of the land, and Leviathan was female, and of the sea (there was also a third creature, Ziz, the beast of the air, whose wing span was such that it could block out the sun, but it doesn’t feature in the Bible) In the ancient Hebrew mythology, they were the equivalent of the later Greek Titans, or the Sumerian Tiamat, the progenitors of creation.

It wasn’t until Biblical writings a thousand years later, that they were turned into lesser demons, and sometimes their names were used as epithets for Satan (Satan does not appear in Hebrew mythology until the invention of Christianity, so both Behemoth and Leviathan are technically older than he is).

In demonology, Behemoth became the demon of indulgence, whose only concern is eating, and he is described as a pot-bellied elephant who serves Satan his food. He’s also considered to be very stupid.

PS: Those links you posted lead to a web page of fiction, not historical mythology. All that stuff you copied comes from a modern role playing game, and is not connected to the actual story of Behemoth.


To add to what DK said, I have sometimes seen Behemoth (as Bahamut) syncretised or collated with Leviathan. Didn’t click on any of the links but I’m assuming Final Fantasy. :wink: My suggestion, try talking to him and find out. My UPG kinda collates Bahamut/Leviathan, but really that is just my own personal experience.

This is relevant to my interests, do you know where could I find more info/original mention? Thanks brother


There are two passages in the Bible that make passing mention of the Ziz, Psalms 50: 11 and 80: 13-14, but it is often dropped in the English translations, and the Ziz is only referred to in ambiguous terms like “beast.”

You will likely find the most information in the Jewish Aggadah, which is a compendium of rabbinical texts, containing folklore, historical anecdotes, moral exhortations and practical life advice.

However, your best bet would probably be to try and get a copy of the scholarly article “Anzu and Ziz: Great Mythical Birds in Near Eastern, Biblical and Rabbinical Traditions” by Nili Wazana, published in the Journal of the Near Eastern Society, 2008.


Bookmarked. Appreciate it!


Perhaps:Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp😊

Isn’t that by S. Connolly? Or maybe there are two books with the same title. It’d be interesting to see if either mention Ziz or Bahamut.

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Yes same title :joy:

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Subhan Behemoth,
Hail Behemoth,
Ari Refu Mata Dragon.

In my experience Behemoth seems to communicate in a very child-like manner and is a little ditzy

My personal UPG and experiences showed me that Behemoth is blonde haired and white, very tall.
When I asked about where I can find more information about him, he told me to read “Memnoch” by Anne Rice.
He is of the Powers of Hell.