Demise of Desert Troll Synchronicity

Continuing the discussion from My 9/11 Work - Part 1:

Something you do can echo in eternity, sending shockwaves forward and backward in time, having influence around the world you may never see. Butterflies flap wings and cause blah blah blah you get the point. Upon reading references to these events in various other threads, I went and dug this up due to the suspicions I had of some “coincidence” surrounding the time period during which this went down. So, sure enough these events took place during a very significant point in my life. In January of 2016, I entered an 18 month long soul search that made me who I Am. I did not use social media during that time, nor Internet forums. I was cut off from the world, figuratively. I was on a mission to find myself. I’d had other awakenings in my life, 2007, 2011-2012, but I had not fully committed to the path of godhood. I was still in a Right Hand Path paradigm, believing that I had to be selfless, as the Eastern mystics or JCI mystics believed, to let go of all individuality and merge with the “Divine”. I restricted myself to a RHP morality, while still exploring, learning, and growing in my knowledge of the occult. I was only practicing Hermetic magic (admittedly more like Napoleon Hill which is valuable), no rituals or evocation. I meditated daily, did yoga, and ate a strict Levitical diet. Through that shutting out of the world I was attempting to use this time as a sort of “meditation retreat” or “soul search”. I went to work, did my daily routine (workout, yoga, meditate, read books) in that order, and I went to bed. Something in me was determined to find truth and better myself mind/body/spirit. And between September and December of 2016, I began to see it. These entities began calling to me, pagan deities like Odin, Freya, Thoth. Even the Old Ones of the Necronomicon. A disdain for mental slavery and the “Divine” began to grow in me. I answered the call and committed myself to the gods of Asatru (which I am now coming to the end of). I read the Necronomicon aloud, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Norse myths, anything that opposed the oppression of “God”. The change in me was soon noticed by my wife. “You’re happier.” she’d say. “I’m so proud of you. You’re really taking care of business.” Lo and behold, my finances increased as I embraced my own natural desire for wealth and my own humanity as a whole, from which she naturally benefitted and took note of.
What’s your point Ragnarson? Well, the events @Lady_Eva describes of destroying this astral being coincide perfectly with my experience of breaking away from the “desert troll” religious programming. I want to say, haters on the whole idea of defeating the desert troll probably don’t understand the various planes and their subtle (sometimes not subtle) interaction with this plane, how thoughtforms and egregores work, etc. Should you expect churches crumbling and mosques caving in on their inhabitants? No, but what we see is the youth leaving these religions in favor of new age and Wicca, and even deeper occult sciences like what is discussed here. A shift happened in my life during that era. There’s a huge issue in our community of victim mentality, delusions of powerlessness, or worse… apathy, entitlement…
If we dive into this as far as we can go and work together as EQUALS with these gods on the astral plane and others, we step into our power and AUTHORITY as God incarnate. If there’s a lesson to take from my admittedly subjective connections I’ve drawn between these events, it’s this. We have extraordinary, incredible power. Not just EA, Asenath, Kurtis, etc. Not just Lady Eva or me. Every person reading this. That’s what EA has been trying to teach all these years - our godhood. Is “God” defeated for good? Fuck no. Too many people believe in that archetype for it not to exist as an egregore. But an entity that played a significant role in the formation and spread of that pollution seems to have been killed, and with that some influence weakened. Haven’t the gatekeepers been speaking of a war, as EA said recently, an insurrection? Either all this is just nice rhetoric and fantasy, romanticism, OR it’s a reality. Either these beings exist in those planes and we truly interact with them or we don’t. But if we do, then consider the implications of that, the endless possibilities implied here. This is empowering if nothing else. I say embrace your godhood and step up to the plate, no matter who you are. Something you do can echo throughout eternity, sending shockwaves forward and backward in time, having influence around the world. Skal everyone!