Delving into the abyss

long story short i came across the sigil of belial and we talked here some instructions

"get yourself in trance draw or just gaze my sigil
see a black nothingness behind it say this incantacion
it brings the power of the abyss into and around you
za’keros merimo ocha rasmo’cha atta’zzar
alkamio al’kamana
delve into that nothing chant my song
itz ra cha belial
see a brown and a green colum of light into the abyss then see it disolving it selff
see yourself falling from the abyss ’
fall into the infernal empire
find me and greed me

idk its strange anyone to try this?


As newbie no :sweat_smile:,but maybe I’ll use it someday.
Thank you.


I’ll try it out on the fullmoon of February 19 before I go to sleep. I’ll let you know what happens. I’ve never worked with Belial, but I believe this would be my first time.

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Sounds legit. I resonate deeply with it. Thank for sharing.

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I’m sorry for my late response. My life was shaken in many ways but I’m rising again.

I tried this yesterday after an evocation of Lucifer and Belial in the middle of the night. Nothing special happened following this meditation, but I blame it on my extreme exhaustion and not the meditation itself.

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This Ritual functions perfectly!!! Energy workings with Belial and Lilith are great now when the magic of the Red Moon is strong and the Sabbath is very near!

Its racha Belial :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Agilleath Tiddehmos Tlyfos Belial :heart_eyes:
Lirach tasa vefa wehl Belial :heart:


Okay this is super creepy. I don’t ever remember visiting this post let alone of randomly posting this video.

What do you get from doing the ritual?

:eye: :eye: Belial


This seems like it should work.

I am trying to avoid falling into the abyss myself though I think.

Do you think that puts me at odds with working with Belial?

If so perhaps that partly explains why he is so hard to live with and without for me.