Delving Into New Depths

I assume that a salutation is necessary, moreover, an introduction.

Infernal Greetings, everyone.
My handle would be Elder Sabbatius, but Sabbatius works as I am no Elder here, nor am I knowledgeable in the Draconian Current, nor even a Novice in any Left-Hand Path practice. My experiences have been more towards Ceremonial Magic practices, Hermeticism and light-hearted dabblings into the Cthulhu Mythos, though nowhere near the Necronomicon Current expounded upon by Asenath Mason and others at the Temple of Ascending Flame. Other practices include Wabaanowin Teachings(yes, I am First Nation) from my family, raised as an Evangelical Christian, as many here were also,
So, why am I here? I have been drawn towards-no! More like a yearning! A burning desire to learn, practice and grow within the Draconian Current. Much of what I have read has me engulfed into seeking more. What I have seen, read and have a familiar understanding of the ideology fascinates the curiosity in me to the point of unlearning what I know and passionately diving in head first.

And in seeking this out, I arrived here.
And my transformation into a sponge to absorb knowledge is at hand.



Welcome to the forum.