Deja Vu

Does anyone know what Deja vu means?
I used to get it all the tume when I was a kid where as something was happening the memory of me already expericing it would come in too. As I got older sometimes the memory and experience would differ. But just now I had a double Deja vu where I remembered I had remembered it before when experiecing it before.
I heard its when your brain misfires or some shit but I never bought that.


Hints of prophecy.
Merging of dimensions.
Technically a double firing of the brain when the dimensions merge would be correct. There’s more to it on different levels.

Just my thoughts.
Maybe someone that shifts timelines for short periods could let us know if they experience it more than usual?
I’m interested in how others see it to.

Good question.

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Personally I’ve had such a thing happen to from time to time. I assumed it was precognition, since my brain would show me small clips of future events. They where never clear about what the event was. Just a random photo of a random and insignificant time and yet, I could easily feel myself having Deja Vu.


Oh you right. Since my brain acts as both an antenna and broadcasting system having the reality glitch becuase of a firing in my brain makes sense.


@Yberion may be able to talk on time shifts I know he works with time magick.