Déjà vu

For all my life, at random times, I have experienced immense Déjà v. This has even been to the point where I can say what someone else is saying at the exact moment they are saying it. This has freaked me and many of my friends and family out, so please share your thoughts and experiences of Déjà vu, it will be intresting to hear from all of you.

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This has also happened to me, but after making attempts to refine myself and control my mental state more eventually it was not so surprising or shocking

Thanks, I will try to focus it.

Good , practice makes perfect

That it dose.

I have them happen when I’m following my “path” (personal path to learning, growing, expanding). They happen when I do what I know I should, sometimes for several minutes at a time (longest was 10). When I get off-track and, essentially, stop working on myself or growing, they seem to stop. Sometimes, I go a while without them and then, out of the blue, they hit again.

I, personally, take them as signs that I’m doing what I should.