Deity sigils


necomaster made it very clear, that it is difficult to evoke the gods.

I found information, that it is possible t get the sigels, there are also like
a key to reach certain places.

We need to go into vision magic and build up a good contact with gods we
want to call, so they will give us the sigil.

I know this can be done, from an experience. I was told, that we can not
enter Muspelheim the fire world of the Northern Traditon, but I did not want to give up on it.

All I needed was an invitation from Surt the Fire Giant King and I reached
him thru fire and and had sucess. The fire world was open for me and i
even made it in Surt`s castle.

My next experiment will be to get the sigil Hel.

Has anybody build up here a very good contact to a godform and
could try also to get a sigel?


I haven’t contacted Godforms…
However, you are right in that it is difficult to find a deity’s sigil. I think they are very powerful so they cannot be represented by a simple drawing…


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and defy “conventional wisdom” …

Its been my experience that communing with Gods & Goddesses is a direct thing - no sigil, no ritual, no bowing & scraping. It does require a level of intense desire, a goodly amount of positive anticipation & the ability to calm your fears …

Why do we so fear being rejected by our own Ancestors? (Why do we forget they ARE our Ancestors?) Their Powers are certainly fearsome, but Their Heart toward us is not. Let it be simple. Let it be acceptable. Let it be easy. :wink: Z


Where exactly do we find that names of Gods and Goddesses???


I found them in studying the spiritual traditions of various cultures; many of which have their Deities subdivided in an effort to focus upon specific attributes, powers & affinities.

Just select a culture or tradition that appeals to you: Norse/Viking, Christian or Jewish Mysticism, Asian/Oriental Taoism, Celtic, Sumerian, Hindu, Buddist, Egyptian, etc., and “google” it. There’s tons of information out there to get you started.

Happy browsing :wink: Z