Deity or Parasite? Sexual experience with a spirit

2 weeks ago I had a kind of dream too real to be a dream, I was sleeping and I saw this very attractive stone gray man putting his penis in my mouth, his penis was a fat and thick worm that felt very nice, but then he ejaculated in my throat and between nausea I swallowed all his semen, after that experience in which I thought he was Lucifer since his appearance made me remember him, since then I have been very ill, I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and it makes me think that All that semen is all the phlegm that I have in my chest, I know it sounds funny but believe me I’m a bit worried, and if it has been a parasite that has wanted to make me sick? at the same time it can happen even if I have protection from spirits? anyone have any ideas or advice about this?

Sounds more like the manifestation of bronchitis to me, than actual Lucifer.

Yes it can. Protection from spirits does not make you invulnerable.


Could of been just a dream, specifically one brought on by sexual desire.

I wouldn’t think parasite or demon/lucifer.

but yeah all you can do in terms of protection is routine checking & updating of your defenses.


It could be that my mind has manifested bronchitis in this dream, I want to think of that better than a parasite that wants to harm me, I also believe that Lucifer would not harm me. He is my spirit guide patron


Since I am sick I have not been able to do rituals, I have felt very weak, I only did one of healing, but the truth that I was worried that it was a parasite that tries to harm me.

Just as a note, it is possible that the disease has nothing to do with magick. I’ve had plenty of nightmares when I was stressed of course but never had anything bad happen to me, but if something did, I would probably have wondered if it was from a spirit in the nightmare. I’ve had times where I did magick and then I fell sick or had an injury and I’d be like oh fuck is it the magick? But I’d recover in record time, probably because of the magick. So, there is also that as a possibility. Naturally, still protect yourself if you can of course. Doing divination on it to see if the disease has any spiritual cause can also be very helpful.


This is a possibility. It’s the similar to how girls will sometimes dream of blood and bleeding wounds before their menstrual cycle. Your subconscious could have been alerting you of an illness and, since dreams are heavy on the symbolism and metaphors, this was your subconscious’ way of alerting you.


Thank you for your advice, with my mind worried with the disease I did not even think about the divination, which I will do today to clear up doubts, but thanks nevertheless, your testimony reassures me vastly of this sudden paranoia.


excellent thanks :slightly_smiling_face: it reassures me a lot, really


Whichever it is, it’s mportant to stay calm and with no fear.

Even though, it is likely, that the dream and the illness are not related to each other, I would - with the proper care - not exclude the possibility of a parasite.

You said some things, which could make this possibility also likely. Like, how your dream felt as a real event rather than a dream. The worm might be also representative of a parasite. And then, parasites might very well use desires and make these feel good, to trick someone. And, if they get inside one or plant something there, it can cause illness to the body.

Try to see, if something else feels unnatural, sometimes there can be additional signs of the presence of a parasite, like unusual events. And, sometimes, a victim may just feel/know it, that there’s something foreign affecting one’s body or that there is something not belonging there. Sometimes.

Pay attention to such things, but yes, don’t make yourself paranoid, just in case it’s all natural and definitely treat it first as an illness.


Your story and explanation makes a lot of sense, all the answers that each one has given me have helped me to calm my fear and anxiety that suddenly made me paranoid, I know that it is not strange that when practicing rituals these unwanted beings can appear, but as you say it I will treat it first as an illness and when I feel better I will take care of doing cleansing rituals :slightly_smiling_face: so thanks for your advice and comments.

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Somebody could’ve cursed you or sent a nasty spirit your way.


It is a possibility however there are no other signs of a curse.


oh yeah sure, me too, and I’d have a ton of work to do, we’ll see what happens in the days after.