Deity identification?

Hey so I haven’t posted here in a while but I’ve been having weird experiences. To the point where I decided to do a spread for a deity and or entity? Here’s what I had written down. Let me know if this sounds like anyone that fits the bill.

Who are they?: The Magician ( I said maybe associated with change?)
Sphere of influence: knight of cups (could be related to opportunity?)
What do they want?: the lovers upside down (wanting me to not make a wrong choice or something? I don’t know honestly)
Something to know about them: five of cups( always moving forward, appreciating what you have?)
I would love some insight into whoever is trying to reach out if possible, thank you :slight_smile:



Well. I’m afraid you may find the answer is rather vague. Based on what you have here, it could be half of the beings I’ve worked with. Most of them promote inner and outer change to make ourselves better. They will force us to take new opportunities and question our thinking patterns when we make choices. They will encourage you to not get stuck in a rut and keep working towards your goals and moving forward.

Who have you been working with? We might be able to get more information from your weird experiences than your tarot spread tbh. Please share more and maybe we can help you better :wink:


I’ve had a bit of an inkling with the paranormal and entities contacting through sleep paralysis, like just little bits where I’m like this is way too realistic. Which if you want me to make a post to better explain my experiences and link you to it. I can :grin:
I’ve actually never worked with any deities before. Still a bit of a baby witch

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Ah well, it could be anyone if it’s mostly based around sleep paralysis and things like that I guess. Up to you on whether or not you want to post about the experiences, I’m afraid either way we won’t be able to help you identify them much :). You could try simply calling out and inviting them to your dreamscape to identify themselves.

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So I actually have two dreams that were a possible entity reaching out?
I had one where I was in this white/gold palace that had these weird purple portals and was strapped down to something, I managed to get free before a deep voice shouted find her. I felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there and then I fell through something and woke up, I went back to sleep and then woke In a bed next to a figure that I remember had black shoulder length hair before I woke up. And I’ll link the other page to where I had a dream

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Wrote this last year “Hello, so I am still pretty new at this, but I have had a couple of bizarre instances of sleep paralysis, where entities have tried to contact me which it makes me believe those episodes are real, and this has happened from the age of 14 (I am 24 now). my most recent one was where I saw this one entity fly next to my face I could only see their mouth, and when I asked who they were, they mentioned that they were in the domain of fire and gold from what I remember, and I felt three distinct hits as if the figure was trying to give me something, I googled it and the first thing that was related to fire was asmodeus and then berith and paimon. Does it sound like something is trying to reach out to me, or just the product of a overactive imagination haha?“

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Lmk if you want me to tell more experiences?

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Honestly. I am not sure what to make of it, but it seems the fire and gold thing is significant to you, as it is a detail I noted twice.

It could be ancestors or guides, since it’s something that’s traveled with you a few years. There’s always a possibility it’s a familiar even or something your not aware of having yet. You could message @Lady_Eva for her journey tutorial, a lot of people have had success with it and even if it’s not one of these types of spirits, you will probably find one that can aid you in growth and divining who it is.

Some of us have more famous spirits that have showed up since childhood for reasons we can’t determine and others of us don’t, while still yet many of us wish so hard we did, that we make things out to be a connection that truly is nothing more than a random dream theme or our subconscious leaving us a message or another just coincidental incident that has nothing to do with anything.

Good luck to you :slight_smile: I’m sorry that I cannot help, but if your determined and walk this path long enough you’ll figure it out, even if it’s long after you forgot you cared about it.

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