Deities across pantheons

Sup guys, recently I’ve been working on a diagram that shows what spirits are the same or equivalent of each other across pantheons.
Examples being:
Hecate/Virgin Mary,
Possibly Set/Lucifer/Typhon,
Thanks guys.
Edit: Once I finish I’ll share it here.


In the Setian tradition, Set is the equivalent of Satan (as a separate entity from Lucifer). Sometimes Santa Muerte is the equivalent of an Aztec goddess but I personally think she’s her own thing (her only connection with many goddesses of death is literally just that).


Hestia/Vesta & The Virgin Mary Perhaps, Hekate i don’t think so.


Literally is satan or is the similar embodiment of him, the adversary?

According to M. Aquino, Set and Satan are the same being, the Dark Prince. In fact he sees Satan as a “primitive” and “distorted” version of Set. (I disagree with this for multiple reasons.)


Going by my experience with Varnaxis, I kind of do agree with it, but it’s possible people get different beings or forces answer that name.

It may be similar to the difference between the Bael some of us see who’s a god, maybe linked to Marduk and Ra, and the Baalzebub some people get who likes flies and corruption, though I wouldn’t assume they;re totally different,. but the impression left by them is.


he was originally just a word that mean “Opposition” or some other “Adversarael Forces”, but not anthropomorphised until roughly the 6k bce then christalising across what are called the “Semetic Languages” which is not just hebrew bwt- but has existed in all previous and current Semetic ethnocultures, Arabs Persians, Babylonian, Sumerian from which Hebrew directly evolved. His first job was to Work For the one and Only God - providing oppositition in all things, if you wanted to please god and build somethiing, he will be sent to offer mischief against you to really pproof by blood sweat and tears you dertmine fitness to serve god. Evil- was in no way in this guys nature- and just to surpise you-- he is Severely proving the signs and showmanship of True Evil; and its source- The Repackaged Babylonian God Enki/EA,-- or who they renamed as the "one and Only God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. now called YAHWEY YAH, Jehovah- aka, God of the Old Testiment.
They call Satan bad; the truth is far more exciting!


Yes please do so I’d like that.

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Here’s one Lucifuge-Ningizidda-Quetzalcoatl-Hermes-Thoth. And one more name for your theory on Set and Lucifer. Set-Lucifer-Odin/Shiva.

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set typhon lucifer…things arent always as they appear.

Sorry i cant explain more …but the egyptian pantheon is my pantheon…and Ive been doing extensive research sense may. and especially on my 30 day leave.


Also: Prometheus-Lucifer

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I wouldn’t count on Hecate going with the Virgin Mary.

I would say Isis/The Virgin Mary/The black Madonnas

Herne/Cernunnos/Pan/Faunus that’s another to chew on


Frigg/Mother Holle/Gia

Fairy Queen Mab/Freya


Basically all the Faity Queens ( local goddesses from wales and different parts of Europe ) have their similarities and differences as well

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I can go on and on, I really love mythology

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