Definition of Supernatural

The word, Supernatural, obviously relates to spiritual and metaphysical forces. However, when it’s used, it’s used as if to mean “Not Natural” I don’t understand why. This is how I’ve often defined it.

Super: Superior or Advanced.

Natural: Of or Relating to Nature.

Super+Natural: Of or Relating to a Superior or Advanced Nature. Aka, more natural.

Has anyone else thought of this?

For me the “supernatural” doesn’t exist. Everything is by default natural. The fact that some things do not have a scientific answer yet is just because we dont have enough knowledge yet. I firmly believe that science and magick will one day meet. But unfortunately I also believe that this day is still far.


I honestly just follow the online definition, and it’s synonym paranormal.

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I agree that science and spirituality are still far from meeting in the middle. I also believe that both are dependent on each other, since science seeks to understand the nature of things – but that understanding comes from things that would be defined as “supernatural”. Which science chooses not to study, as it’s not things that RIGHT NOW can be observed/tested with our present day equipment.

Although I also believe that even the supernatural is natural, it’s just termed that way because that’s what people do with the unknown.

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Well, it came from the Medieval Latin word supernaturalis, which translates to " above or beyond nature". So I would not say it is too far gone. Interestingly enough, its original religious use refer to something that was “of or given by God”, which makes the taboo against the occult and paranormal from the modern religious communities more ironic.

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That is ironic