Defensive or hex against “him”

So I’m married and have been with the same lady for 11 years.

We go out to dance sometimes and there’s been this same creepy asshole that has followed us and basically tried to be “suave” “sexy” rock star prick right to my face many many times.

Even hitting on her right in front of me,
And direct messaging her on social media.

I did a spell to make him suffer, it only made him do it again.

I want to make him go away and then some, because he makes my wife feel like he could be a rapist. We both think he most definitely has raped girls.

I don’t want to kill him,
But I’d sure love to do something just as evil as trying to fuck up my marriage.

Some haunting, bad luck, irreversible damage to the sex organs. :joy::joy:

What would you do?

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Well, me being me i’d most likely break his jaw a few ribs and quite possibly puncture one of his lungs next time i saw him, But admittedly i might have a shorter fuse then you and i get the feeling you want to avoid any jail time over it so i’d begin with this.

Then evoke Pazuzu for both protection and devastating this man’s life, he’s one of the best around for that and won’t kill anyone if asked not to. Or you could try something like this.

Calling on Naamah or Lilith for aid in this is also a good choice and they both so enjoy getting new playthings, but if you decide to work with the ladies then don’t summon Pazuzu at all, those currents don’t work well together.


Ok so choose one or the other?

Thank you!

I’m not one for fighting

My wife is 6’ And has broken a man’s nose on a many occasion.

She is more the one to worry about in a physical sense.


Them modern beta males and their switched gender relationships

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Get up and be a Man. Thats why hes doing it because he thinks its ok you make it too easy for him.


Its a pathetic reply to be honest. Ultimately its upto the lass and there is nothing you can or should do. If the lass says hey chappo get stuffed im with someone then the bloke can if he doesn’t get the message. Just coz your together doesn’t mean your together and that everyone knows it…even with a wedding ring on, it takes communication from one party to the other. Any violence from one bloke to another is determinate to an allusion of ownership of the chick, its not either developed or correct. There has to be a communication by her to him so that he fully aware of the situation. If she likes the attention and wants the attentions of another bloke dump her mate - again ask her then dump her if its an affirmative. The issue is with her predominantly not him…! If she isn’t communicating to the guy what the situation is its her problem not his.


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File a restraining order against him. It’s unwelcome behavior and if he tries to do it again, he could get arrested.