Deep Trance - Form a powerful connection with the spirit behind its name (Taught by Abaddon)

As you may know, I came back from a potent three year retreat from demons and magic, only to know that the path of meditation is only half way there to the magician’s biggest attainment which is the manifestation of a chaos object. Azazel shared the possibility of this and since then I been visited and armed with gnosis from these gatekeepers including Abaddon.

As I lying in bed(yoga nidra but in my way)after my japa meditation to perform the post meditation meditation I was visited by abyssic lord Abaddon.
Now the nature of abandon it is yes very destructive, ascetic and meditative if you utilise well that spiritual darkness because thats the goal behind is. Let go of everything that keep you in chains , you don’t have to be actually destroyed, with surgical precision you can go through that process without any external change but know that the external is dead and doesn’t mean anything. The sun is dead, Music only gives you chemicals that fluctuate your mind, so does food, so does People, the world has nothing to give you.
The essence is to degrade everything in order for you to attain mental stability and clarity. Enough said about Abaddon and let’s get back to the essence of this post…

True Name
Now every spirit that we talked with probably was named after a specific something that the spirit is associated with in a foreign language. Many who call these people’s only come with knowing a specific attribute of that spirit . Too many images, titles and stories. In nothingness there is no name nor description, these demons are the abyss formed, the darkness of the void. The darkness in a cave and we try to enclose that infinite into a box. There is nothing wrong with using chants, names and sigils but I am saying that they are beyond that and if you desire to form a deeper connection that you dissolve yourself into them, there is a way.

As I was seeing the bull with flaming red eyes that Abaddon partook, I was intoning “Tal’Kal” in very specific way.

The Meditation

As you are already relaxed, using the power of your mind which yes we sort of try to eliminate it to do this magic, we simply use it to perform it’s only duty:
no it ain’t about getting money or doing whatever but reach godhood in this life in so doing contemplate that nothingness, focus on blackness, into that wall. Contemplate what? You have nothing to do! In so doing in your attempt to do it simply let it go. Trick yourself out of that turmoil.

I want you to say “Tal” as you inhale simultaneously you will see that it feels weird, and kinda you try to vibrate it. It’s fine thats how it is.
Say “Kal” as you exhale simultaneously
Pause, repeat.

To connect with a spirit then do it while in their present, think about them beforehand, then focus on that meditation and forget it.
For trance simply start cold, I actually had adopted this as my normal japa meditation now and have very strong manifestations of the tunnel of darkness.

About “Tal’Kal”
According to Abaddon this world means gate