Deep Meditation and the Path to Becoming the Dreamer

So I’ve been practicing a form of empty-mind meditation, based off of void meditation. I recently hit a wall in my practice of it, not due to inability, but because it’s the last logical step before you attain the mantle of Dreamer.

When I describe the Dreamer, I am explaining a state of being where you are tantamount to a demigod. There is a concept that reality is a dream of a sleeping god, and that we are part of that dream. What my meditation is leading to is becoming the Dreamer and essentially reaching a state where reality is a lucid dream. This state is basically the end-goal of hermeticism and other high-mental-spirit paths of practice.

The meditation itself is to focus on the void between thoughts until your mind is completely vacant, at which point you let go of the focus and drift in the void from which all thought springs from. I call this state the Primordial.

The wall I have been hitting is that once you are in the Primordial, the next logical step isn’t deeper. The step is actually adjacent. The issue is that I am having an issue reconciling that adjacent step in a void that preempts thought and reality. I do know that becoming the Dreamer is the next step but I am not yet sure how to take the step.

Regardless, entering the Primordial is a great thing to do if you are trying to change yourself; if you create a sigil for the change to yourself that you want to cause, you meditate on the sigil all the way down to the depths of the mind until you enter the Primordial. From that point, the sigil will be at its deepest internal level and able to enact its changes on a fundamental level. Entering the Primordial also will greatly increase your mental ability and the power you can bring to bear, while also putting everything into perspective.

Regardless of what you do with this, whether you seek self-improvement or to become the Dreamer, I hope this will help you out in some way.


Yeah I know what you mean, when you attain the same mindset of “the All” (or whatever model of limitless creation you have) you lose the very human stuff that drove you to seek that badass powah! :joy:

I put my working solution here:

The demonic is one polarity of this, currently working to steal the other polarity back, might post about that in the near future. :wink:


Honestly, this meditation feels more like white magick than black, even though it’s more neutral than anything. The only thing I’m sure of is that taking the adjacent step from the Primordial would be a step towards an ascension, if not ascension in itself.

Attaining godlike power through deep meditation and mental agility. That’s what this is about, even if I didn’t realize it when I started this path…

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Yeah those are polarities.

Polarity is a rule of the manifest & causal, and is meaningless in the transcendent state of Self-realisation, merger entirely (or almost entirely) to Source/God/whatever.

Holding onto the focus of the “demonic” (extremes of desire, sent to manifest as extreme seperation from “merger” and egolessness) isn’t about dark/light concepts, it’s about changing the mask the All-within-you wears, to one that holds up to the “heat” and retains form.

That’s a metaphor, here’s a clearer one - imagine a little guy in a probe trying to get close to the Sun for some sciencey reason.

Normal ships won’t withstand the heat, anything physical sill succumb to the immense heat, radiation, gravity etc - only a vessel protected by some kind of forcefield that has no physical mass could withstand that.

This is why the Enterprise has warp drives (which create a warp field) and not just really BIG rocket boosters. :wink:

Horses for courses. :smiley:


Once you are in the Primordial… how about BECOMING the Primordial?

Take control of it all, and become it.

Maybe that is the next step - you cannot go deeper, but you can take control of the remote, so to say.

Also, this is all very interesting, please do tell more about your experiences, and how/what you did.

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That doesn’t feel right. Plus the Primordial is literally the void from which thought forms; by it’s nature, you cannot hold conscious thought while inside it. When in the Primordial, you don’t have thoughts like normal, they are more like when your astral senses are telling you stuff, a thought without thought if you will. You can consciously think, but it preempts language and emotion.

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Aquas_Veritem. Have you read the heart sutra? It might help with this.

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The “Emptyness” that is described in that link sounds basically like the state I called the Primordial.