Dedication to King Paimon

Yes so here is my newest dedication to king paimon.
(I’m going to add his seal in this one but I also sell prints and I’d rather keep magickal symbols off of the art that I sell to random people haha)

I’m proud of this one actually, king paimon has been helping me develop my art and I can really see my style developing in a way I’m happy with
(There is rlly bad quality on here, apologies)


Looks pretty good. You have talent.


Bro this is fucking good, mind if I use it for ritual?


I sure in the hell see a king I know that much.

Hail King Paimon.


Wow yeah of course you can

Tell me how it goes when you use it!

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Ah thank you so much

looks like him,the ears are on point haha but i believe he have a earring in his left ear and i saw him all blue,at least that was my impression in the dark

very good job

oh i saw now that you did draw the earing,is this a earring or part of the hair? left ear

@Ben_Sahar Ah yes actually I did include the earring!

I’ve never physically seen him but when I draw I kinda zone out and let it happen so I think it’s very interesting that you say it’s very accurate, this is just kinda how I saw it in my head as I was drawing


Which one is your favorite?

Speaking specifically of the forms he can take :wink: