Dedication to King Paimon, My Sincerest Gratitude

It has been quite some time since I last signed on. I believe my last log on was to inquire about actual manifestation. In hindsight I realize just how ignorant I was. Many time us, the people fascinated with the occult tend to focus more on physical manifestation of appearances versus results. There is nothing wrong with this. It is completely normal. The occult and such can be wildly exciting and the minor instances of the paranormal are exciting to say the least. But, there are far many things that evolve over a longer period time that incite awe.

I have been working (with no backlash mind you) with King Paimon for the better half of 2 years. When I first began to seek his counsel was when I was desperately unemployed and on the balls of my ass so to speak. I reached out to BLG and had a reading with Nate Bales whom is no longer associated with the group but, agreed to help me. In the moment I set up a consultation with him I just happened to be scrolling through a text and landed on King Paimon. As if he were there he mentioned my first real work should begin with King Paimon.

I agreed and did the work he prescribed on the time and date. Not feeling much I labeled it a failure and began my way out of the woods. Upon leaving the woods (and I shit you not) a black cat made complete eye contact and left.

Soon after I got one job that paid similar but, admitted to King Paimon as we now have a dialogue (I’ll get more into this later) I needed something better but, did not want to quit or otherwise until such time as a way of leaving had been established.

Soon after the job I needed and wanted appeared out of the blue. It is in a nice office, 6 figure salary and the commute is wonderful. I promised him after I got acclimated I would dedicate a post and share his thoughts. Here are his thoughts for those seeking him.

  1. His charge is influence. This is pretty much universal though he will not deal with healthcare or matters of the body. You can ask for guidance on whom to work with.

  2. He does not like the word Demon or any connotation thereof. Remember he is an Angel whom happened to have had a political disagreement. He appears not to those who seek to harm but rather to those who seek genuine guidance and help.

  3. He does not like grandiosity and finds it annoying. The Goetic stuff is a misnomer and he prefers more of a man to man, level atmosphere or you will certainly not reach him.

  4. He is an artist. This beware. In my work with him I had an issue with an individual who was trying to get me fired or otherwise tarnished. The day she was supposed to come with paperwork to substantiate this supposed claims is the same day she totaled her car in front of the office breaking an arm and otherwise incapacitated. In his words " In all I do I do to perfection and none shall soil my artwork" (being the person). This means you too. He will not allow you to fuck up his work either. Personally, we have developed a “yes” or “no” road map and you will find yourself better served to ask for very subtle physical signs as to if and when you should act on something. Mine is private and I wish not to disclose but, he has never led me astray despite my own ambitions. These have proved true and beneficial.

  5. Keep your word and keep it simple. Again, he does not like grandiosity. He much rather prefers flowers, Cognac, Rose incense, Duck breast and simple gestures of thanks. Being genuine is what counts. He does not and will not like everyone. Similar to humans if you mesh, you mesh if you don’t you don’t.

  6. He is very busy. Do not ask for over the top physical stuff to prove his existence you probably will not succeed. He is a master of rhetoric and semantics to those who choose to test him.

  7. On legal matters ask him to appeal your case before Belial in lieu of going to Belial himself. You will be better served. He and Belial got me a felony expunction. Don’t believe me? I’ll PDF it.

  8. He is very kind to those he favors. For all the blessings I have received I cannot imagine why he puts up with me but he is very kind and very patient with me.

  9. BE GOOD TO OTHERS ESPECIALLY THE LESS FORTUNATE!!! He is a judge of character. While we have been lead to believe in certain things he has a very soft spot for the poor and afflicted. Treat them well.

  10. Be patient.

These are my experiences and I hope that anyone who reads them will truly seek this great King whose influence will surpass that of their imagination. He is however not a genie or a toy but more grandfatherly than anything else.




Yes! Hail King Paimon!


Reading your post was like reading a short summation of my own experiences with King Paimon. Wild, man, very wild. You touched on many points I agree with through my workings.

He is protective of those favored, to be sure. I did not even ask and He ruined someone who tried to accuse me of some BS with the local police, lol. Not the one to cross.

He is definitely big on character and respect on a mutual level. He can look right into you and tell what you are made of. And yes, though recommended for beginners, King Paimon does not care for everyone that tries to call.

I have also found He does not care to meddle with health affairs and trivial BS. King Paimon is not the one to ask to help you quit smoking, I found out.

That’s awesome, man, and it is really neat to see so much similarity (at least on the surface level) in your dealings.



For some reason no matter how wonderful I hear that King Paimon is, he still intimidates me more than just about anyone else. Not him personally, I guess the idea of him? Formal spirits just make me nervous I guess.


King Paimon is the best indeed and I should know :grin:


what does this mean??

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@ElectricDragon Hail King Paimon


Yaah, Ave is a greeting used by high ranking ones between themselves.



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what does REX means?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rex means King.

Learn some Latin.^^



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King Paimon is a serious and sometimes harsh (tough love) teacher and mentor. He is good friend indeed.

Hail King Paimon, His Royal Highness!


Would you mind sharing this off you speak of ? Thanks

I can confirm everything OP has written. King Paimon is amazing, much more than I can even put into words. Not many people seem to know about (or be interested in?) His kindness, but He is so just, kind and gracious, and really does have a soft spot for those who are not so fortunate. He is very special. As @CyberLord has said, He can be very strict when He has to be. That depends on those who work with Him. :wink: When you really get into working with Him, He won’t even have to kick your butt at some point, you will do it yourself because you will have developed a keen sense of self, and understand yourself in such a way that you’ll know when you’re slacking off. You will also develop a healthy confidence. ”Know thyself“ is one of His mottos and it will become yours, too.