Declination Into Greatness Theory

So a popular theory I’ve seen around is what I like to call the Declination Into Greatness. This is just my name for it. Essentially what it is about is that the entire world is going to go to absolute shit. And afterwards humanity will progress into a major era of amazingness. This amazingness would be akin to the christian idea of Heaven, at least to my understanding. But of course first the entire world must go through a, excuse the pun, Hell of a lot of suffering. I believe @Maxwell talks about this concept in his journal post titled “My Project on The World”. I’d like to hear thoughts on this theory, and possible timeframes. Have we hit the low yet? How long will it take to hit that low? How long can we expect to get to the high from the low? Share your thoughts below. I’ll reply if I feel it’s necessary.

Sure the pendulum swings one way then the other

I believe in a” New Earth” everyone will choose what to allow in their conciousness and that will be their reality

Interesting. I’m not sure I understand that could be applied however. If everyone can shape their own reality, how can people share the same reality? Let’s say I want to live in a reality where the entire world is pure black. Most people wouldn’t want that, so how could I share my reality with them?

People have been predicting this since they figured out words. Every time it doesn’t come true, they move the goal post so they look less foolish. The book 1000A.D. might be a good read.


As within so without , even if there’s a new great earth , at least 85% of the planet is still stuck in illusions , they’re not going to just wake up ,

Your reality is a collective manifestation of thoughts , beliefs , etc , human vibrational output creates reality

Try living without clean water and electricity yourself for 30 days, while fighting off rape gangs and slave traders single-handedly, with no-one to assist you except blood kin and your own use of any weapons you already own, and tell me how much time you have left for ascending. :thinking:


These kind of questions just get lost in subjectivity , same thing with the world ending in 2012 according to the Mayans

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So I’m quite sure I understand. I do know that the conditions you described definitely exist in parts of the world. But the question is, will it be like that for everyone? My life is pretty good when it comes to living condition, so I’m not really at the low. And a big question is, what could cause everyone’s living conditions to deteriorate so much?

I;m just making the poiunt the breaking what you have isn’t always the way haed to something better. Usually it just regresses societies into a far more primal survival-oriented state, fighting off threats that consume time and mental energy, , ref: Maslow’s hierarchy etc.


not about hitting a low, but deconstruction. falling apart, the systems we have need to be brought into question. that’s how. and tell me this; do you think this is the best time for ascension? I don’t know, honestly, but I think this is a good time all things considered.

meant no disrespect @Lady_Eva

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but yeah pain usually comes with that no shit lol

that being said; humanity, and honestly every unfit structure will have a “tower moment” as I put it in my post. It’s about the current system making way, an integral step in any growth or change of some sort. so yeah; i think it’s here, but i also think it’ll keep coming in new ways.

and i used heaven as a personal piece of symbolism, it means something different to me; “knowledge of fate” or “understanding of self” is heaven, to me, and i think that naturally breaks way into paradise. What you saw was a personal channeling of my desire and will into form, that was my “script”, and it was backed by cosmic intuition and knowledge, just flowing out, so most of the topics and words applied to me in a special way

but as for it being like literal heaven, i suppose i intended a paradise. so yes, lets just see how it unfolds.