DecieverOfTruth- Introduction

Hello all my name is DeceiverOfTruth.

I am into all kinds of magick . Mainly goetia demons . I like learning about others but tend to stay with the left hand path. I am currently working with Lucifer , Azazel and Naamah and some others.

My goal is to learn as much as I can and to give as much as I can and to spread knowledge about my experiences with others.

I have many struggles that I am working on through magick and each day they get smaller and smaller.

I am also here to browse the forum and help others on questions they may have if I have the answer . But I am a bit shy .


How long have you practiced?

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14 years however I have not worked with the left hand path until about a year and half ago .

What other methods and systems of magick have you worked with?

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Wicca - Light path mostly (Earth). I opened my third eye and also did kundalini and many meditations mostly spiritual. Then I decided I would work with others so i went my own way and I decided to work in the left hand path because I feel that i am drawn to it and its less constricting to me. so I became a eclectic witch because I like doing my own thing. I also read many occult books to further expand my knowledge .

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Welcome! Everyone I have met here is really great… no need to be shy.

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Welcome !
Hope you’ll like it in here :innocent:

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Thank you for your words of encouragement .

I think I will thank you .

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