Deciding on the right decision

I have made a couple posts previously in regards to my childrens father. He has done some foul things to me and I have decided that I want to let go and move on…I have even made a petition with Lucifer and this morning, I got confirmation that it was granted.

The problem is this: even though what I wrote my petition is seeking revenge, deep down I want him back. He is a narcissist and basically I’m trauma bonded and feel like I want to get back for the sake of our children. With my mind, I know he ain’t shit and doesnt want me because if he did, then he wouldn’t have left me for another female. Among other things…but the heart is want something different.
I just need a deity that would help me with addition to Lucifer to change my mind and not want a man that never loved me…


Dantalion is your as far as i know.

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I will speak to him this evening to see if he is willing to help me.
Thank You