I worked with a spirit in ea koettings mastering evocation companion workbook. This spirit is able to show you the aweful truth of all things.

So I asked it questions about Hollywood and the abraham religions. And man let me tell you I see things in a whole perspective.

I used to think Hollywood and abrahamic religions were the guys. Man that so far from the truths. These things are unspeakable horrors it really changed my whole outlook on life itself.


I am dearly glad you’ve come to your senses to realise that Hollyweird and Abrahamic god isn’t really our guys… I know a lot about Hollywood, what runs through there— no one’s innocent. What did he teach you?


This spirit taught me how religions are man made to us inslaved to the elite.

And that the price of fame and money is much much darker than all think.

And that if I want to look up to someone it would be my ancestors the Egyptians.

The Egyptians practiced spirituality that’s why they were the most advanced civilizations in history and for all times.

Said the hidden history of Egyptians is rich in culture and all things. Example the Egyptians were humans but they got so advanced they became literally gods and priests. The things they were able to do were

  • command some what the eteranl source which is not only omnipotent but power itself

  • they were to do things that Hollywood Portrays in comic book,science fiction,fantasy movies in the flesh.

  • they could speak one word that create truly beyond divine and all comprehension kingdoms,empires,rulers etc…

  • They colnzied not just the universe but possibly all verses

  • they could create command and control all-powerful beings , power itself, the occult, enities even the very thin air and water.

  • he said in fact all cultures are sub Categories of the Egyptians.

  • Egyptians are born something more marvelous and magnificent than power itself, gods ,all powerful or anything or unimaginable and imagination itself and even beyond.

  • the bible takes all information for Egyptian books and put it in theres try to call eygptians evil and devilish.

-slavery was never a thing in Egypt and the women in Egypt were sought after by all nations and Ethnicities at that time to say the women had omnipotent power itself transcendent beauty is a disrespectful understatement. And those same women should be as queens and something beyond goddesses.

  • wildcats or wildlife naturally loves the Egyptians

  • atlantis-olympus was actually built by the Egyptians but not earth and they a had glorious cultures that will put anything and everything to same.

  • Egyptians invented all things

  • its even spectacled in the spiritual realm that the eyptians created pure NOTHINGNESS and beyond or blankness.

-egyptiands were not human at all they were.

  • the splendor and magnificence of their apparel was beyond human and or anything like thats how WOW their apparel looked

  • the pyramids are Egypt today were just rough drafts. They actually real ones could explode the eternal source itself because of its size , appearance etc…

Egyptians had more things that would make the very concept of wealth look like a thing of the past.

-The Egyptians were beyond endless civilization types.

-The Egyptians had animals that infinity magficent and GLOURIOUS but very furious And ferocious for them.

-The bible and all its version is based on real Egyptians figures that they stole and slightly changed the names.

  • The Egyptians gods were just icon for them until the Egyptians themselves created them to be their servants.

The Egyptians had immense and immeasurable size and power. Their countenance, splendor etc… could blind or kill a person.

And the spirit said keep in mind these are some of their shitty feats and just the tip of the iceberg so I should model myself behind someone it would should be them.


Sounds like a great teacher! I agree, the Egyptians were something else— and Christianity ripped stories from Egypt and I believe the Egyptians were the first to instil and bring about the Qabalistic systems of the worlds.

There it contains a whole ton of information to research on. AIN = the vacuum of pure spirit
AIN SOPH = the Limitless and Boundless
AIN SOPH AUR = the Limitless Light.

Hollywood is deeply embedded in the occult, much like all government systems. To understand what’s really going on, just tap into the conscious ‘mainstream’ of news, media and entertainment and they usually leak what they do or have been doing ever since. They do it in plain sight, so you can’t miss it but at the same time, you can. (OSCARS = Osiris), (HOLLYWOOD = HOLLYWOOD TREE (wand making). Hollywood is a magickal playground; a pedophillic, blood-drinking, sinister one.

At the bottom of the pit includes pedophillia, human sacrifice, geomatria/sacred geometry/numerology, soul ties to entities, reality/psychological programming, Mind control, traumatic abuse.

If you want to see all that’s wrong with Hollywood—start with Disney programming and child actors/actresses, the rest can be worked out easily. it’s the irresponsibility off handling the powers and privileges of the Occult humanely. Hollywood shapes reality much like other aspects that do.

Hollywood is sinister!

Hey really I agree with out.

He also said Egyptians will come back to get their descendants and take down all evil and rebuild all of africa and Africa will be the capital of the universe maybe of eternal source. And its going to blow mind literally. They have transparent streets and beyond even unimaginable itself cant fathom or anything for that matter.

They will establish their holy Hollywood/entertainment without the sinster. The Egyptians will rule all and the descendants shall have powers that you only see in fiction comics and Hollywood movies and live in places that even unfathomable cant even fathom yet speak it.

Some the time Egyptians is near yet far.


Reminds me of Rick Riordan’s books- The Kane Chronicles

I should check it out

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Arguably Set is villainised but it is fiction after all-the story that is