Debt and Credit Score Magick

Now gonna be honest, I could definitly use some help. I have exhausted alot of time and energy and honestly dont know what else to do.

I desire to move on; yes I have made mistakes, yes I learned my lessons, no Im not lazy. Honestly, I dont know what else to do and am asking; does anyone have expeience in using magick or law of attraction on debt and/or credit scores?

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Obviously, when we pay off cards, the credit score goes up. No magick can affect your score because it is recalculated as needed based on your credit history. The ‘score’ only materializes when requested. It isn’t stored.

My advice: Focus on money, personal transformation and influence magick.

Money magick helps you prioritize cash and makes it easy to flow to you. (Secret: Money magick is partially about transforming you into a money making machine, not just finding 100$ bill on the ground. )

Personal transformation and influence magick is just so you do better in job interviews and what not. You can use non-magick means such as Dale Carnegie’s “How to make friends and influence people”. It is AMAZING. Pure magick, but not magick. Obviously personal transformation can be achieved in many ways … that’s for the seeker to find out.

Also, are there things languishing in your credit file that you can dispute? Like an old card you paid off years ago?

The magick of making debt disappear and seeing credit scores grow is going to take you some time.

Perhaps focus on paying off some debt 100$ at a time. Work spells to bring you money and opportunities. Each time a bit of money comes at you, thank your spirits and perform a new spell.

Sorry friend, it will take time.


I appreciate your honest and informed response. Saw a post about That one demon from the book of Azazel; you recommend the money one?

Ah, well, then, I only offer a name:


:. Opinions may vary …


It may be possible to cause data corruption on your files, and make the person who rebuilds the database be soneone inclined to not attach negatives to people, and it may also be possible to dispute this with the credit scoring companies and exert pressure on the person taking the call or handling your complaint, I mean Belial gets people off from naughty things all the time and the facts are often plain as day, and yet they walk! :wink:

Just a proposed route for the magick to take hold, I haven’t done anything exactly like this myself but as hackers know, the weakest point of security in any system is usually the people operating it, and people make excellent targets for magick, so… :smiling_imp:


I have been out of bank ruptcy since 2010 i now got a credit score of 899


Holy shit! I’m barely tickling 700

I got to pay back Radio rentals $18,000 for a series 9 sony 65 inch 4K Tv and a Sony 7.2 CH 2450W muteki home theater my PlayStation 4 pro i am using right now on google.

Did you use any magick or Law of Attraction things to influence it?

How did u do it dude share with the class. Spell maybe?

Well i always practice the pentagram by using my right hand middle the get fucked finger like a wand along the lines of the pentagram slow motion to summon demons to open up the pentagram since i was 17 years old which my Catholic mother hates me for she consider my 2 year older than me brother Sean Michael Aplin as her little pet because he follows the Abrahamic God of Tyranny as a ally to him and he comes over as a tyrant towards me very badly, when i was young Sean use to bullie me up to when i was 13 years old, the Stansbury Holiday was the real pits while Sean was at Sacred Heart College Junior School from grade 6 to year 9 i was in grade 6 Sean was in grade 8 he made a friend Jamie Jones and me Mum and Dad Sean and Jamie Jones went to Stansbury for a Holiday thought it would be great until Sean and Jamie Jones went to do something else and they decided to bullie me and Mum threaten to bash me and stab me with a large size boab knife Sean owned if say anything and also want to 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Gabby parole office and post it to her that is the story of my life i am so glad of Become a Living God


Nice rapping Eminem to be

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Wow! Quite the monolith there. They can see that post from space! Hehe

Thanks for sharing. Looks like things are a little more stable for you. Making a few bucks is always nice too. Pays to collect things too sometimes.

Right on!

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